Top 5 Affordable Beach Resorts in Samal Island (Near Pearl Farm)

Kaputian Beach Park Resort

Samal Island, located right in the middle of the Davao Gulf, is blessed with a number of beautiful white sand beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. As the largest resort city in the Philippines, there are a lot of possible beach resorts to choose from. While Pearl Farm Beach Resort is one of the most luxurious resorts in the area, there are nearby resort options that also offer a beach haven at a very budget-friendly cost.

Here are the most affordable beach resorts near Pearl Farm in Samal Island:

#1 - Kaputian Beach Park Resort: Owned and managed by the local government of Samal, this resort has maintained its natural touch up to this day. At a very cheap entrance fee, you can enjoy the amenities that they have. They also offer affordable overnight accommodations in either a tent, dormitory, or native bungalow. Additionally, there is no corkage fee so any food from the outside restaurants could be brought inside the resort.

#2 - Punta del Sol Beach Resort: Unwind in this resort ideally designed to provide comfort and privacy while enjoying beach activities without piercing the budget. This resort has a wide array of accommodation choices: from cottages to dormitories, from fan rooms to air-conditioned cottages, from expensive to cheap, they have it! Free parking and breakfast are included in the package and they also have an al fresco restaurant that offers all sorts of meals.

#3 - La Vida Orchard: Spend a worthwhile vacation without spending too much money in this bed & breakfast that offers affordable and comfortable accommodations. Breakfast is included in the package while as for lunch and dinner, guests can either cook their own food in the shared kitchen for free or order from their restaurant. Aside from the beach just a 2-minute walk away, there are other activities to do such as island hopping, visiting the bat sanctuary, and many more.

#4 - Isla Betita Garden Resort: Discover a hidden treasure that does not actually cost much in this secret paradise overlooking the blue-green waters of Davao Gulf. They have affordable non-airconditioned, air-conditioned, and dorm-type rooms complete with towels, beddings, pillows, and blankets. There is no fee for bringing in food and drinks but a minimal fee is charged if you wish to have it cooked.

#5 - Kostal Beach Resort: Get more value for your money in this resort that offers cheap but clean and comfortable overnight accommodation. There is a minimal corkage fee if you want to cook your own food but they also serve meals from their restaurant. They also have a mini swimming pool and at the beach front, there is a space provided with few tables and chairs perfect for some chit-chat and bonding.


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