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We are an online travel guide for tourists who want to take a vacation to or within the Philippines, a beautiful country in Southeast Asia made up of 7,107 islands. We blog about and promote the best tourist attractions, beaches, islands, hotels and beach resorts, restaurants, and more!

A Beautiful Country With Very Friendly People!

Filipinos dancing at a festival in the Philippines
Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, is made up of 7,107 islands nestled inside the South China Sea to the west (also known as the West Philippine Sea), the Pacific Ocean on the East, the Sulu Sea on the Southwest and the Celebes Sea to the South. There are three main groups of islands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. All of the islands feature beautiful beaches, palm trees, and wildlife. Some even have hills and mountains. Surrounding countries include Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the U.S. territory of Guam. [Learn More...]

Warm Weather and Many Tourist Destinations to Choose From!

Beautiful day in the Philippines
There are two seasons in the Philippines - rainy season and dry season. Because the islands are surrounded by water, cool ocean breezes allow visitors to enjoy tropical, but humid temperatures averaging about 80 degrees fahrenheit (26 degrees celsius) year-round. The hottest time of the year is from March to May, where the temperature can reach up to 100 degrees fahrenheit (or 37 degrees celsius). But the coolest time of the year is from November to February, where the temperature stays around 80-85 degrees fahrenheit (or 26-29 degrees celsius). [Learn More...]

Very Simple Passport and Visa Requirements for Tourists!

Philippines Visa Passport
Every country, including the Philippines, requires a passport for all visitors and tourists to enter. But unless you plan on staying for more than 30 days, you do not need a visa as long as your passport is valid for at least 6 months and you have a valid return ticket. If you do plan on staying longer than 30 days, you will need to get a tourist visa. It's very simple to get, the payment required is very reasonable, and you can get a visa for up to a 6-month stay. [Learn More...]

Daily International Flights to More Than 7 Major Airports!
Philippine Airlines flight
Because there are so many islands, there are more than 50 major airports in the Philippines. However, only few are landing points for incoming international flights. These include Manila (MNL), Cebu (CEB), Davao City (DVO), Clark/Angeles City (CRK), Iloilo (ILO), Boracay-Caticlan (MPH), and Bohol-Panglao (TAG). Manila, being the capital of the Philippines, entertains the most international flights daily. It's Ninoy Aquino International Airport has three major terminals, and is actually located in the city of Pasay - just 15-20 minutes away from the actual city of Manila. [Learn More...]

The Latest News & Updates For Tourists:

How to Travel the Philippines on a Budget

Tips to Make Your Cash Last and Experience an Incredible Time Visiting the Philippines

The Philippines literally has everything an intrepid traveler could ask for with palm fringed beaches, impressive volcanoes, lush jungles, spooky caves and some of the best snorkeling in the world around corals reefs and maybe even a WWII shipwreck if you’re in the right spot.
And of course the smiley, welcoming locals and laid back vibe makes the Philippines a place you might never want to leave! If you’re from a western country, it really is a cheap place to travel in compared to living in your own country, but there is the other side with expensive hotels, flash packer guesthouses and westernised restaurants popping up everywhere.
If you want to keep things to a budget and stretch your cash as far as possible, here’s some great tips;


Eat Local Filipino Foods


Foods like lumpias (fried spring rolls), pancit (fried noodles) and halo-halo dessert (condensed milk, ice shavings and kidney beans) are all less than a dollar and are delicious. Other famous local foods to try are; kare-kare (thick oxtail stew with vegetables), adobo (pork or chicken pan fried in a sauce) and lechon (seasoned suckling pig roasted over charcoal) to name a few.

Stay in a Local Guesthouse, Hostel, a Hammock or a Campsite


You’ll find tons of locals running their own no-frills guesthouses and you’ll even occasionally find beach front huts for $5-10 depending on the season. There’s plenty of hostels wherever you travel in the Philippines, where you can also score a bed for around $5-7 (just be prepared to share and put up with a bit of noise).
If you want to keep your accommodation budget super lean, you could even travel with your own tent or hammock. Some guesthouses will let you put up your hammock or tent up on their property for a small fee, or you could even set up on the beach for free! Just make sure you’re not annoying any locals and keep an eye on your belongings.

Catch Ferries Not Flights


If you’re planning to island hop, flights are obviously the quicker way but they will take a larger chunk out of your budget. The bus and ferry route will take longer, so factor this in if you only have limited time, but this option will cost you a lot less.

Drink Rum Not Soft Drinks!


The local Filipino rum can be cheaper than a coke in some places! Other popular cheap drink options are; beer, gin and a local coconut wine called Tuba. All sorts of local cocktails have been invented, so you may only need one or two to get merry, which is great if you’re on a budget!

The 5 Most Unique Hotels in the Philippines that Will Make Your Jaw Drop


Travelling through the Philippines is an adventure with so much to see, do and experience. You may be backpacking and taking each day as it comes or you might have a stricter itinerary and timeframe worked out. Either way, the hotels you stay in will be a big part of the enjoyment in your holiday.

What is a Balikbayan Visa and Who Does it Apply to?

Balikbayan-Visa The Balikbayan program was launched by the Philippine Government to encourage ex or current Filipino citizens living in another country, to come and visit their mother land. This visa can be used by; former Filipino citizens that have now got citezenship in certain other countries on this list or Filipinos working abroad.

Take a Look at the Various Types of Visas Available when You Marry a Filipino

There are multiple types of Philippines visas that are beneficial for certain people depending on their unique situation. If you’ve married a Filipino, you may want to live in the Philippines permanently or just for part of each year.

The Philippines is a Tropical Paradise and has Many Places for Wildlife Enthusiasts to Explore

Whether you’re a lover of marine life, birds or land mammals, the Philippines has an impressive array of all of them. With over 7,000 islands full of water, lush jungle and mountain ranges, there’s many places for a wildlife enthusiast to explore.

5 of the Best and Newest Hotels Near Clark Airport in Pampanga

Hotels near Clark Airport

Clark Airport (CRK) is the fastest growing airport in the Philippines. Located less than 2 hours away from the capital city of Manila, it has become a preferred airport to use when visiting Metro Manila, Pampanga, Subic and other parts of central and northern Luzon. The airport has many domestic and international non-stop destinations, several malls nearby, and also several new upscale hotels.

Introducing the First and Only Chocolate Museum in the Philippines!

Malagos Chocolate Museum in the Philippines

Malagos Chocolate Museum

the Philippines' first-ever interactive museum that focuses on anything about cacao and chocolates, is every chocolate lover's heaven. Get to know more about how chocolates are made, taste real chocolates, and even make your own chocolate -- definitely delectable!

Camp John Hay and 5 Other Reasons Why You Should Visit Baguio

Camp John Hay in Baguio

Baguio City is the summer capital of the Philippines, which is situated about 5,050 feet above sea level in the Cordillera Central mountain range in Northern Luzon. One of the main reasons tourists savor Baguio City is the presence of Camp John Hay there -- also known as John Hay Air Station.

Two Amazing Pink Sand Beaches in the Philippines

Pink beaches in the Philippines

Charming Zamboanga, and Northern Samar, both offer excellent natural tourist attractions -- be it beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rivers, springs, etc. However, what sets them apart from all the wonderful places in the Philippines, is the presence of a pink sand on their beaches.

8 of the Philippines' Newest and Most Beautiful Hotels and Resorts Opening

Chateau by the Sea Beach Resort in Philippines

Over the past few years, tourism in the Philippines has been booming. Alongside the flocking of local and foreign tourists is the need for more accommodations. The good thing is, there are upcoming hotels and resorts in the Philippines that would surely make guests experience the true Filipino hospitality.

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pagudpud, Philippines

Patapat Viaduct in Pagudpud, Philippines
Photo credit: Perry A. Dominguez
Pagudpud, found in the northern Ilocos region of the Philippines and famous for Boracay-like beaches and resorts, takes pride its many touristy spots that all tourists will truly enjoy visiting. Although located more than 348 miles (561 kilometers) from the country's city of Manila, the trip is well worth it.

5 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Beautiful Cagayan Valley

Palaui Island in Cagayan Valley
Palaui Island in Cagayan Valley, Philippines

To be able to see the Philippines in its entirety is to be in Cagayan Valley. With lots of low land in between hills that seem like waves in position, cool breeze of fresh mountain air, blue seas, evergreen tropical forests, majestic waterfalls, strangely beautiful caves, huge farms, conventional watercrafts, native products, picturesque old churches, Chinese temples, Muslim mosques, and its various populace that live in peace and friendship – Cagayan Valley is truly a one-stop hop for the curious travelers wanting to get a good view of what’s there to behold in all the corners of this magnificent country.
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