VIDEO: Did It Snow In Davao City, Philippines?

Snowing in Davao City, Philippines

There's a video and rumor circulating on the internet saying that it snowed for three hours in Davao City, Philippines, and damaged $3 million dollars worth of crops. In the video, snow appears to be falling on banana trees. So is it true? Did it really snow?

Not according to experts. In fact, the day that it supposedly snowed in Davao, it was about 34 degrees celsius (or 93 degree fahrenheit), and that is the typical daily temperature there. Davao, which is located in Southern Mindanao, on the most southern island of the Philippines, is actually very close to the equater. Experts says it would be highly unlikely for the region to ever receive snow.

Even more Philippine Agriculture Department has denied that $3 million dollars worth of crops were destroyed by any snow.

Experts say the video is a hoax, and the "snow" is most likely just volcanic ashes falling. They believe the video is footage from 2009 when the Mayon Volcano erupted in Legazpi City, Luzon.

Watch the video below:

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