Amazingly Low "Promo Fares" From Cebu Pacific Air and AirAsia

Cebu Pacific Air and AirAsia Airplanes

Every month, Philippine-based airlines such as Cebu Pacific Air and AirAsia offer special discounts on airfares to various destinations to/from and within the Philippines. These are known as "promo fares," which can mean that airplane tickets can be bought for as little as one peso. Of course, only a limited number of seats are sold at such low prices.
Most deals, however, go for a bit more - often in the 100-1,000 peso range (about $2 - $20 USD). However, the offers are real and they are available on a regular basis. These airlines use such promos to promote their new routes, and to create a buzz about old routes. The concept is that people will start talking about airfare, and the idea of flying with a certain airline begins to spread virally. Often, promo fares are associated with holidays such as Christmas and Valentine's day, but sometimes there is no special occasion.

On this page, we have posted links to the latest deals from these three major airlines. The deals do vary each month, but at any given time, there are likely at least a few promo fares available - even if only available on certain routes. For more information, please inquire directly to the airline itself.

The latest Cebu Pacific Air promo fares:

Cebu Pacific Air promo fares

The latest AirAsia promo fares:

AirAsia promo fares
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