Work Visas Explained for the Philippines

Secure the Right Type of Work Visa or Permit to Work in the Philippines

You may have a pre-arranged job with a big company set up in the Philippines, you may be planning to help out at a missionary project, you could be planning to come and invest in a local project or you may just be passing through and plan to get a job while in the country. But how do you know which visa is right for your situation?
There are several types of work visas and work permits available to foreign nationals. Read on to see which visa and permit is right for you and the requirements for each.

Types of Work Visas

  1. 9 (G), Pre-Arranged Employee Commercial Visa
To get this visa, you first need to apply for an Alien Employment Permit. The company you plan to work for must be a licensed business under Filipino law and once you have the 9 (G) visa, you’ll be allowed to exit and enter the country multiple times. Check here for special visa requirements and where to apply.
  1. 9 (G) Pre-Arranged Employee Non-Commercial Visa
Otherwise known as a Missionary visa, this is obtained by foreign nationals who plan to get involved in aid work, medical missions or any social or rehabilitation work. It helps if a locally registered company who is involved in the project can be the petitioner of your visa. Take a look at requirements for this visa here.
  1. 9 (D) Treaty Traders Visa
A foreigner can enter the Philippines as a treaty trader, which means they plan to carry on trade with or develop the operations of a business in the Philippines. Currently such agreements are valid with foreign nationals from the countries of the USA, Japan and Germany. Check here for visa application requirements.

Types of Work Permits

  1. (AEP) Alien Employment Permit
  2. Valid for 1-5 years, depending on your agreed contract, this is issued to all foreigners who intend on working in the Philippines. Be aware this permit does not rotate; it’s only valid for a specific position and the company it was initially given for. Requirements are;
    • Filled and signed application form
    • Photocopy of passport and current visa
    • Contract of intended employment
    • A copy of the mayors permit to operate business or certification from the PEZA or Eco zone authority (depending on the company you’ll work for)
    • A copy of current AEP if renewing
    1. Special Work Permit
    This permit is issued to foreign nationals who intend to work in the Philippines on a short or temporary assignment. You must have a locally registered company willing to act as your petitioner and you must still keep your tourist visa or temporary stay visa up to date as this is separate. Requirements are;
    • A notarized letter requesting the permit
    • A completed Consolidation General Application Form also notarized
    • Photocopy of passport bio pages and visa page
    • Your current curriculum vitae
    • Copies of SEC registration, By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation
    • Copy of employment contract
    • Tax Identification Number (TIC)
    • BI Clearance Certificate
    1. Provisional Work Permit
    This type of permit will be issued to you if you’re in the process of applying for the 9 (G) or 9 (D) employment visa or Alien Permit and you need to start working immediately. This permit is valid for three months, or until you receive your visa. Requirements are;
    • Photocopy of passport and current visa
    • Copy of employment contract
    • A letter and affidavit of support from your local petitioner company
    • SEC registration and ITR of the company you’ll work for
    Remember visa requirements can vary depending on your country of residence, your intended employment and any past history that could affect your application. It’s always best to check with your intended employer and research the Philippines Bureau of Immigration website for updated information.