Philippine Tourist Destinations Being Printed on Postage Stamps

Philippine Stamps With Tourist Destinations

In order to help increase tourism in the Philippines, 

a bill has been passed requiring the printing of postage stamps that depict various tourism spots throughout the country. The bill mandates the Philippine Postal Corp. (Philpost) to print these stamps and affix these on all outgoing mail.

The Dept of Transportation, the Tourism Promotion Board, and Philpost have all partnered to create and post posters in strategic places throughout the Philippines and overseas. The budget is proposed to come from the appropriations of Philpost.

Rep. Eric Olivarez of the First District of ParaƱaque City in Metro Manila, comments, "Surely, this could trigger interest for more information about the tourist areas which [the] DOT and the TPB can provide that would surely [entice] foreigners to visit the Philippines."

He added that such stamps would further boost the country’s “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign, and depict the country’s tourist destinations and, in effect, advertise these to potential foreign tourists without extra cost to the government.

To see some of the stamp designs, visit
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