Nearly 1.5 Million Tourists Visited Boracay in 2013 Despite Yolanda Typhoon

Tourists Visited Boracay

In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan, known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, hit the Philippines and caused extensive damage to the country and other parts of Southeast Asia. It was recorded as one of the strongest and deadliest typhoons on record, and claimed over 6,000 lives. But in spite of this, 1.36 million tourists visited the island of Boracay in 2013.

In fact, 2013 brought the highest amount of tourists to the island ever. Although the government was previously expecting Boracay to hit a record 1.5 million visitors, the 1.36 million that did come represented a 13.33 percent increase over the previous year.

So, what brings these visitors to Boracay in such large numbers?

The beautiful white sandy beaches and quiet atmosphere on the small island of Boracay attracts increasing amounts of tourists every year. It is one of the top destinations in the world for relaxation and tranquility. In fact, Boracay was named by Travel + Leisure magazine as the best island in the world in 2012.

Expectations for 2014

The local government is anticipating more than 1.5 million tourists to the island in 2014. In spite of the devastating typhoon, it looks like this island will be thriving and welcoming visitors for a long time to come. Meanwhile, development continues of new resorts, hotels, restaurants, shopping plazas, and more.
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