Top 3 Places in Philippines To Take A Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Glass Bottom Boat Tours in Philippines

A glass bottom boat tour is exactly what it sounds like. You are in a boat that has a bottom made of clear glass, allowing you to see the colorful fish and coral reefs beneath you. It's a safer and dryer alternative to scuba diving, and perfect for families and large groups. Nearly every tropical tourist destination offers this activity, including several destinations within the Philippines.

Here are the top 3 destinations in the Philippines to try a glass bottom boat tour:

#1 - Cebu - Because of it's beautiful and clean beaches, Cebu (located in the Visayas)  is one of the best places to take a glass bottom boat tour within the Philippines. If interested, try Scotty's Action Sports Networks. Based at Shangri-La's Mactan Resort on Mactan Island, their tour goes to both Shangri-La’s Marine Sanctuary and Talima Marine Sanctuary. The views are absolutely amazing! Tourists can rest assured that their expectation for five-star service will not only be met, but exceeded. For more details, visit

#2 - Boracay - Like Cebu, Boracay Island (also in the Visayas) is also a great place to take a glass bottom boat tour. The colorful wildlife shows up great against the beautiful white sand beaches here. We recommend using a company called "We Found Him". They have a great big boat, and offer day-time and sunset cruises. Captain Cyrus Tapispisan started doing tours back in 2005, and is still the captain today. For more details, visit

#3 - El Nido - This is probably the best place of the three to take a glass bottom boat tour. In this part of Palawan (in the Western Philippines), the water is super crystal blue and clear, and the colorful wildlife really, really comes to life. Many of the boats there that offer island hopping tours are also offering glass bottom boat tours. If you are interested in giving it a try, just ask around when you get there and get ready for a very amazing experience!
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