Lion’s Head Near Baguio City, Philippines Scheduled for $1 Million Dollar Renovation

Lion's Head Near Baguio City Philippines

A famous tourist attraction called the Lion's Head, located along the mountainous highway that leads to Baguio City in Benguet province Philippines, is soon going to get a much-needed renovation. The 40-foot limestone sculpture of a lion's head is a popular place for tourists to stop while on their way to Baguio City.

Over the years, the sculpture has suffered some deterioration due to time and vandalism. So, the Department of Tourism and the Department of Public Works and Highways plans to to improve its appearance with help from the Lion's Club which has maintained the sculpture for many years.

Will Cost More Than $1 Million Dollars To Renovate

Beautification plans include renovating the sculpture and the land around it. The cost is estimated at P50 million (or about $1.1 million USD). Other beautification plans include widening the observation deck and adding murals that show the history of Baguio and its people. There are also plans to remove souvenir vendor stalls and relocate them away from the sculpture. The move will not only focus importance on the sculpture but also help to keep vandals away.

Preserving Tourism in Baguio

Otherwise, it is the intent of the DPWH to keep the popular tourist attraction looking the same. The Lion's Head restoration is part of the agency's plan to improve other tourist destinations in Baguio, too. Tourism is an important source of income in Baguio and other areas of the Philippines, and any negative conditions could affect the number of tourists who visit.

About Baguio City

Located in the mountainous regions in the northern part of Luzon Island in Benguet province, Baguio City has a population of more than 300,000. It is known for it's pine trees, hills and mountains, and many colleges and universities. Accessible in just a 5-6 hour bus ride from Manila, Baguio is a popular vacation destination for local and foreign tourists.

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