Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the Philippines


Vacations are an event that many families look forward to all year long. One of the most popular destinations is beaches. Beaches offer warm climates, fun activities and relaxation. And when it comes to beaches, the Philippines offer the very best!

But it won't be easy to choose. The Philippines have 7,107 islands that offer some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with sparkling white sand and blue waters. To help you decide,

here are the top five beaches in the Philippines for 2014 according to

#1 Boracay, Aklan - the island's fine white sand is like a frame around the clear blue water where you can participate in scuba diving or snorkeling or just take it all in from a comfortable spot on the beach. It also has great restaurants and night life for those who like it a little spicy.

#2 El Nido, Palawan - for those who like nature and exploring, put Palawan on the list. The waters are full of coral, whales, whale sharks, sea cows, manta rays, dolphins and endangered turtles. Its natural beauty also includes karst limestone formations, empty lagoons, marble cliffs, prehistoric caves and waterfalls.

#3 Samal, Davao -  for those who love to snorkel and dive, it's beautiful unspoiled beaches and water are enhanced with greenery, rock formations and palm trees. You won't run out of places to explore because Samal beaches run 118 kilometers (73 miles) long, offering endless opportunities to explore and take in the beauty.

#4 Panglao, Bohol -  If you are REALLY adventurous, consider Panglao. Here you can choose to watch the dolphins and whales, or you can actually swim with the fish, including barracudas and other fish. Here you will also see some of the most beautiful coral. Did anyone say chocolate?? Well, it's not real chocolate but that's what they call the unusual dome-shaped hills on the island. There are 1,000 of these Chocolate Hills on the island of Bohol.

#5 Pagudpud/Bangui, Ilocos Norte -  If you're one of those vacationers who want to get away from everything and everybody, consider this secluded island. It's located along the northern tip of Luzon and is very quiet and away from everything. If relaxation, sun and sand is your goal, this is it.
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