5 Reasons Why You Should Visit El Nido, Philippines

Boat Ride in El Nido

El Nido is a beautiful vacation destination located in the northern part of Palawan Island in the Philippines. 

El Nido is known for it's amazing beaches, scenic mountains and hills, incredible wildlife, and indescribable views. It's also known for it's delicious seafood, tropical fruits, and super friendly people.

The area is mostly secluded because commercial airlines can not fly there. It is, however, accessible by shuttle van via the island's capital city of Puerto Princessa. After a short 45-minute flight to Puerto Princessa from Manila, travelers can easily take a 5-6 hour shuttle ride directly to El Nido. Tourists say that the long drive is more than worth it.

Travelers can also fly non-stop to El Nido from Manila via ITI Air, a local charter airline. The price is a bit steep and their planes only seat about 10 people, but the trip takes only 45 minutes.

Here are 5 pictorial reasons why you should visit El Nido, Philippines:

#1 - Amazing Beaches

Boat Ride in El Nido

#2 - More Amazing Beaches

El Nido Beach in Palawan, Philippines

#3 - Scenic Hills and Mountains

El Nido Resorts

#4 - Incredible Caves and Coves

Boat Ride Through El Nido Caverns

#5 - Unbelievable Wildlife


A picture is a thousand words. Need we say any more?

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