What is the Best Way to Get to Boracay - Through Caticlan Airport or Kalibo?

Caticlan Airport

Kalibo Airport is currently the gateway for flights that take foreign tourists to Boracay for vacation. It is small and congested, making it increasingly difficult to manage the increase in visitors to Boracay. But San Miguel Corporation, who controls a 51% share in Caticlan Airport on a 25-year management contract, is building a new airport in Caticlan that will make a huge difference in air flight to Boracay.

The current airport

The new airport is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015. It will be able to accommodate up to 12 aircrafts at a time compared to the current 2-3. It will have all the latest navigational technology and be able to manage night flights. The larger runway, from the previous 30 meters x 950 meters to 45 meters x 1800 meters, will be able to accommodate international flight standards.

The new airport

With the completion of the new Caticlan Airport, traffic flow is bound to focus on the new airport and make it the new gateway for flights to Boracay. But it's not just about the airport. In addition to the new airport, Caticlan itself will provide other accommodations for traveling passengers, like reasonably priced hotels and a convention center on the mainland. This will make it even more convenient for foreign tourists to fly into Caticlan Airport and spend the day at the beautiful beaches of Boracay and still have a nice hotel to return to at the end of the day.

Plans to build a bridge from the mainland to Boracay

San Miguel Corporation also plans to build a bridge from the mainland to Boracay, and even provide vehicles that will transport tourists to Boracay. Other plans are being considered to accommodate tourism on the island. Since San Miguel owns about 20 hectares of property next to the airport, they seem to be in a key position to not only get visitors to the island, but also make sure they enjoy their stay.
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