10 Reasons to Visit Zoobic in Subic Bay

10 Reasons to Visit Zoobic in Subic Bay

Zoobic is a popular destination in the central part of Luzon island in the Philippines. It's one of the few zoos in the country, in addition to Manila Zoo, Cebu City Zoo, Davao City Zoo and Farms, and a few others. Annually, the zoo attracts thousands of both domestic and foreigner tourists.

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Zoobic:

#1 - Very Close. If you are coming from the capital city of Manila, it takes only about 2.5 hours to drive to Subic Bay where Zoobic is located. Once you get out of the city of Manila, there is virtually no traffic. If you are traveling from a different country or a different Philippine island, you can fly into Clark airport which is just a one hour drive away from Zoobic.

#2 - Very Affordable. The price of entrance to Zoobic ranges from 200 pesos (about $5 USD) to 400 pesos (about $10 USD) depending on the activities you want to engage in. Each activity has an add-on price, but the prices are very low and reasonable.

#3 - Up and Close. If you want to see animals up and close, Zoobic is the place to go. You will definitely see tigers, crocodiles, hogs, goats, ostriches, and more and they are within very close proximity. You can actually touch them if you dare, and take advantage of some really great photo opportunities.

#4 - Unique Guided Tours. There are two guided tours. One is about 1.5 hours, and the other is 2.5 hours. For both tours, you will board a caged jeep through the safari where you see tons and tons of wild life. These tours also include a few mini-museums called Zoobic Caves where you walk through to see a lot of animal skeletons, preserved animals, and more. You can also buy unique souvenirs (for example, a real tiger's tooth) while on the tour.

#5 - Entertaining Animal Shows. Children and even parents always seem to love the animal shows. You can sit down at a small stadium-like arena and actually watch several nicely prepared presentations of park rangers interacting with the animals. The shows are funny and very entertaining!

#6 - Once-in-a-Lifetime Animal Photo Opportunities. Some of the shows have sessions where people from the audience can actually hold and feed the tigers, snakes, large iguana lizards, and more.

#7 - Meet Native Filipinos. Many people are often surprised to discover that native Filipinos are actually Black and are descendants from Africa. They are called Aetas, and Zoobic offers an Aeta Trail and Show where you can actually meet and take pictures with some of them. They also perform a tribal show which includes a butterfly dance, a war dance, and a monkey dance.

#8 - Fly Through the Safari. If you love to feel like you are flying, Zoobic has a unique zip-line called Sky Safari that allows you to soar 380 meters through the forest at approximately 49 feet high. The cost is only 200 pesos (or about $4 USD).

#9 - Experience Rodent World. Most people are terrified of rodents, but some enjoy seeing these little creatures up and close. In Rodent World, you will see everything from tiny guinea pigs, porky pines, and even very large rats from the island of Palawan.

#10 - Experience Serpentarium. If you love snakes and lizards, this is a great attraction for you. You can actually see up and close many different types of snakes (including pythons and boa constrictors), as well as lizards, iguanas, turtles, and other cold-blooded creatures.

For more details about Zoobic, visit www.zoobic.com.ph
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