8 Amazing Things To Do in Davao City, Philippines

Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao
Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao

Having the largest economy in the Philippines, outside Metro Manila, Davao City is also known to be the “Durian Capital” of the country. Moreover, this robust city in the island of Mindanao, southern Philippines, was able to make it to the list of the world’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Cities, in 2011.

Here are the best tourist destinations in Davao City and the nearby area:

#1 - Mount Apo: Dubbed as the Philippine’s National Park, being our country’s highest mountain or volcano, with its elevation of 2,956 meters or 9,698 feet above sea level, Mount Apo is majestically located in between Davao City, Davao Del Sur province and Cotabato province. It is such an ideal place for climbers, especially in the hot summer months of March, April and May. Make sure to register with travel agencies though, to get a guide in hiking Mount Apo, as climbing till its peak is not very easy. However, with the adventurous spirit in you, for sure, you are not going to regret it, and will definitely love this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

#2 - Samal Island: Created only in 1998 via Republic Act No. 8471, the Island Garden City of Samal used to be divided into three municipalities, namely, Samal, Babak, and Kaputian. Named as the largest resort city in the Philippines with 34 registered resorts, this so-called one of the best tourist destinations in Mindanao, according to the Department of Tourism, is just 2 kilometers away from Davao City, and can be reached through a barge/ferry service or boats along the Sasa Wharf. Delight yourself and your loved ones as well by visiting the best resort known as the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, owned by no other than Miss Universe 1973 winner, Margarita Moran. The Island Garden City of Samal, one of the best places to be in summer, encompasses both Samal Island and Talikud Island, hence, its name.

#3 - D’ Bone Collector Museum: Love animals? Then D’ Bone Collector Museum is one of the best places for you to see in the Philippines. Situated at the heart of Davao City, this spectacular museum houses currently, over 650 bones of various animals from around the world, with more being added each week. It is an awesomely educational experience to listen to the stories behind these animal specimens, for such a very minimal entrance fee. Learn to value life even further after visiting D’ Bone Collector Museum.

#5 - Aliwagwag Falls: Regarded as a Stairway to Heaven, Aliwagwag Falls cascades down on layers of rock formations, from a height of 340 meters or 1,120 feet and with a width of 20 meters or 66 feet; thus, it is called the highest falls in the Philippines. This breath-taking scenic spot is located in Cateel, Davao Oriental – specifically in Barangay Aliwagwag, which is about 30 minutes trip from Poblacion. Don’t forget your perfect hiking shoes, towels and extra clothes, as well as your water-proof bag, for you won’t be able to resist taking a plunge or two in this very enchanting body of cool water.

#6 - People’s Park: Strategically located in the Poblacion District of Davao City, People’s Park is a must-see and visit for all, who want to breathe the freshest air and unwind with family and friends, after a long and tiring week at work. There is no entrance fee here, and people can have a picnic, while they bond with their loved ones. Moreover, friends and families can altogether enjoy either a leisurely stroll or an energizing jog in this cleanest and greenest park in the Philippines. Many hotels are situated around People’s Park for tourists or locals in the area, thus, it is a convenient walk to this serene park during their stay. Available for viewing as well are the sculptures of indigenous people, depicting daily living in Davao City – made no less than Kublai Millan, a renowned artist in Mindanao. Furthermore, it is clean and green due to the more than 1,000 species of plants found here, that have their origin from all over the world.

#7 - Eden Nature Park and Resort: Climbing a mountain has never been such a more thrilling and fun adventure, up until Eden Nature Park and Resort got established sometime in 1971. Exciting activities there include: sky cycling, taking the zip line, nature tripping, having a picnic, horseback riding, fishing (and have your catch be cooked for you afterwards) , viewing the butterfly sanctuary, colorful birds, native flowers, rare plants, herbs, fireflies etc.; Indiana Jones gliding and swimming.

This famous mountain resort in Davao City is situated at 3,000 feet above sea level, thus having a cooler temperature – truly awesomely refreshing! You can avail of their guided day tour which costs only about Php 200.00 (about $4 USD) or less per person. Get accommodated as well for an overnight stay or longer in their log cabins, cottages and townhouses.

#8 - Philippine Eagle CenterDefinitely worth checking out as a side trip from Eden Nature Park and Resort, is the Philippine Eagle Center of Davao City. The Philippine Eagle Center houses 36 Philippine Eagles, 18 of which are bred in captivity. These majestic birds got the title, Philippine National Bird, in 1995, under Proclamation No. 615, during the presidency of Mr. Fidel V. Ramos. Also called monkey-eating eagles, Philippine eagles have become critically endangered since 2010, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Birdlife International. It is believed by the former that around only 180 – 500 Philippine eagles are still alive in the entire Philippines nowadays. Thus, the income generated through the operation of the Philippine Eagle Center, and some advocacies, would help to preserve our already very rare national bird.

For more attractions, visit www.davaotourism.com
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