Why Pagudpud Is Called "Boracay of the North"

Patapat Bridge in Pagudpud, Philippines
Patapat Bridge in Pagudpud, Philippines
Pagudpud is a coastal resort town of Ilocos Norte province, in the northern Ilocos region of the Philippines. It is also the northernmost settlement on Luzon Island. Boracay, on the other hand, is located in the central Visayas islands. So why is Pagudpud called "the Boracay of the North"?

Here are some very interesting similarities:


*White-sand beaches
*Crystal – blue water
*Coconut trees lined along the coast
*Beautiful sunset at Burayoc Point at the juncture of Saud Beach near Pagudpud Rinnovati
(According to Wikipedia)
*One of the main tourist attractions in the Philippines
*Maira-ira Beach is the northernmost tip of Luzon Island
*Has many hotels and restaurants


*White-sand beaches
*Crystal blue-green water
*Coconut trees lined along the coast
*Beautiful sunset
*In 2012, it was given the award: “Best Island in the World” from the magazine, Travel + Leisure.
*Located 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas
*Has many hotels and restaurants

Other notable qualities both beaches share:

*Friendly people
*Seaside ideal for sunbathing
*Perfect for families and friends
*Like a paradise

Put it off no longer. Let’s hit the beach this summer!
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