The Best Beach in Boracay, Philippines - Bulabog Beach vs White Beach

White Beach in Boracay

Boracay Island, commonly referred to as the second best beach in the world next to Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands, is the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines. The beautiful island features two main beaches - Bulabog Beach (on the eastern coast) and White Beach (on the western coast), and both are within a short walking distance from each other.

So which one is the best beach? Well, they both are worth visiting, but let's compare the two:

Bulabog Beach is less crowded, more quiet, and windier!

On Bulabog Beach, you typically won't find many people, but you will find tons of activities. What makes this windy beach popular is its being the perfect spot to do kite boarding and wind surfing. It’s not for neophytes though but rather, for expert surfers only, as the place has sea urchins and small catfish that can be quite dangerous. However, you can be a spectator of the many water sports buffs here especially on very windy days in this part of Boracay, for you to marvel at their amazing surfing skills, and perhaps wish to study this sport as part of your life to dos.

White Beach is more crowded, much noiser, and usually has bigger waves!

On the other hand, White Beach has tons of resorts, stores, restaurants, and yes... people. The most loved activities to enjoy in this scenic 4-kilometer stretch are swimming, snorkeling, nightlife, dining, shopping, and many other superlative sports and must dos.

White Beach is a favorite of many due to its appeal to tourists as far as having more choices on locations where to stay for lodging, and things to enjoy or do, are concerned.

The best time to visit

The best time to visit either beach on Boracay Island is from November to May, for its waters are calm during this time, thus, providing the excellent venue for excited vacationers and thrill-seekers.

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