Where to Find the Best Waterfalls in the Philippines

Philippines Waterfall

The Philippines is full of many things to see - palm trees, beaches, mountains, volcanoes, and yes... waterfalls!

Here's a list of the top 7 watersfalls you absolutely must see in the country:

#1 - Pagsanjan FallsDiscover the beauty of Pagsanjan Falls from the birthplace of Filipinos’ national hero, Jose Rizal – none other than, Laguna. It is one of the Philippines’ major tourist destinations and in order to get there, guests can board the Shooting the rapids boat ride, a term coined by one of the resorts along two rivers, namely, Bumbungan and Balanac. This magnificent ride ends in a natural pool under the falls where the tourists may opt to take a raft ride through the cascading water, into the Devil’s cave behind the falls.

#2 - Maria Cristina FallsFound in Mindanao, stunning Maria Cristina Falls is a landmark of Iligan City, dubbed as the City of Majestic Waterfalls, because it has over 20 waterfalls to showcase. A wonderful view to look at, with an awesome height of 320-feet, Maria Cristina Falls also supplies electricity for Iligan City’s business establishments through the Agus VI Hydroelectric Plant harnessing system.

#3 - Tinago FallsAnother charming tourist attraction in Iligan City, Tinago Falls got its name from its being hidden in a deep ravine. One has to trek his or her way there, taking 500 descending steps on a winding staircase. Tinago Falls cascades into a deep basin of cool, blue water and its visitors can get the thrill of listening to its rumbling through the cave below the falls.

#4 - Pulacan FallsGet lost in paradise as you watch Pulacan Falls – located in Labangan, which is 12 kilometers from the city of Pagadian, in the province of Zamboanga del Sur. This very unique waterfall doesn’t flow straight into a pool, but rather cascades into various terraces which have their own small pools.

#5 - Aliwagwag FallsDéjà vous comes true as you view Aliwagwag Falls – located in Cateel, in Davao Oriental. This amazing waterfall is considered as the highest in the Philippines by hydraulic engineers. Aliwagwag Falls is a series of 84 falls that streams into several steps – looking like a stairway to heaven. Its total height is a whopping 1,120 feet and its width is 66 feet. Looking really pretty in a virgin forest, there is a river flowing at its foot.

#6 - Tinuy-an FallsWant to catch a rainbow with waterfall scenery in the morning? Then welcome to Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City, Surigao Del Sur! Branded as the Philippines’ Niagara Falls, Tinuy-an flows gorgeously into 3 levels and is also known to be the widest waterfall in the country. It is approximately 180 feet high and 95 meters wide.

#7 - Mantayupan FallsThis breathtaking waterfall is the main tourist attraction in Barili, Cebu. Approximately 200 feet high, Mantayupan Falls has 2 terraces. There are 3, 14-meter falls at the first tier and a 98-meter waterfall at the second one.

All of these waterfall destinations are truly worth falling for!
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