5 Reasons to Visit Mactan Island

Mactan Island

Mactan, the Philippines’ most densely populated island, is part of Cebu Province and is where you can find Mactan-Cebu International Airport. Also famous for having some of the best industrial business in the Philippines, Mactan Island's thriving economy promises to provide 5 major reasons why you should pay a visit there soon:

#1 - Top of the line water activities

Swim with a variety of amazing sea creatures in Mactan, through their excellent diving and snorkeling spots; go island hopping, jet ski or sail to your hearts' delight. Go out of the rut, and move into the sunlight! There are many good resorts to choose from in Mactan Island, although we highly recommend Abaca Boutique Resort, if you are looking for exceptional service and food.

#2 - Cultural activities

Visit the Lapu Lapu Statue, a monument of the early ruler of Mactan, who is Lapu Lapu that fought with Spanish forces headed by Ferdinand Magellan, after they made a first attempt to colonize the Philippines in 1521. The battle was named, Battle of Mactan, which absolutely delayed the Spanish colonization by 40 years, until the success of the Legazpi expedition in 1564. Furthermore, take a look at the counterpart site, known as Magellan Shrine, in memory of Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese rival of Lapu Lapu, who killed the former in the above-mentioned war in Mactan, thereby making him as the first ever hero in the Philippines –having defended our sovereignty from foreign control.

#3 - Shopping!

Outstanding products from Mactan Island are their marvelous furniture, nice souvenirs; not to mention their commendable musical instruments, such as guitars, ukuleles, etc. Let the sound begin!

#4 - Experience the best spa service

Find CHI, the noteworthy spa in Mactan Island, located at Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa (pictured above), in Lapu Lapu; thus, rejuvenate there by availing their perfect massage service with the assistance of friendly, as well as helpful staff.

#5 - Be a mermaid

What? Yes, you heard that right. Learn how to swim with a colorful tail, at Ocean Gems Academy, a great school that teaches basic swimming lessons, whether you are 5 or 55! You ain’t seen nothing yet, until they also take professional shots of you and your friends in action, in the pool, as a souvenir. Take a break from being a workaholic; hit Mactan Island now and have a frolic!
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