4 Reasons To Visit Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island (Davao)

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Get totally undone vacationing at Pearl Farm Beach Resort, located in The Island Garden City of Samal, which is a one and a half plane trip from Manila and a short ferry ride from Davao City.

Here are four reasons why you should visit this beautiful resort:

#1 - The Royal Treatment: Guests who have been here keep raving about how its staff would generously give them the royal treatment -- but fitting for all who work hard and party harder. That's just the tip of the iceberg, mind you...

#2 - Amazing Activities: Second, Pearl FarmBeach Resort offers simply irrevocable gifts to satisfy soul-searchers, adventure-seekers, honeymooners, executives, and fun-a-holic families alike.

A myriad of exciting activities await you at this enchanting island that used to cultivate precious pearls.  Now an ideal spot to swim, dive, kayak, snorkel, windsurf, jet ski, boat ride, etc.  Pearl Farm Beach Resort promises to provide the break you have been wanting to take.

#3 - Comfortable and Tasty: In addition to that, experience their out of the box, cozy, luxurious villas and cottages adorned with elegant ethnic designs, originally from Mindanao.

Not to forget, do come with a big appetite because the array of food choices at their buffet will surely make your day!

#4 - Nature's Best: Last but not the least, Pearl Farm Beach Resort is well-loved, too, for their infinity pool, bat cave tour, breathtaking sunrise, sunset, and sea views; lush landscape, plus its being a top of the line venue for weddings, business meetings, and other special occasions.

For more details about Pearl Farm Beach Resort, visit www.pearlfarmresort.com
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