Top 5 Zoos to Visit in the Philippines

Malabon Zoo in the Philippines
Malabon Zoo in the Philippines
There is a lot of wildlife to see in the Philippines - whether in the water, on land, and even in the air. But just like in other places, the country also has many zoos that are frequented by children and other animal lovers.

Here are the top 5 zoos in the Philippines where tourists love to visit:

#1 - Avilon Zoo: Currently the biggest zoo in the Philippines, Avilon zoo is located in Rodriguez, Rizal, where it occupies a vast 7.5 – hectare facility. Bring your whole family, group of friends, or team of schoolmates and enjoy their guided tours to learn about a lot of endangered animals and plants in the Philippines, which are being preserved and protected in this amazing zoo. What is more, you will actually have the experience of feeding the animals here, such as arapaima, exotic water fowl, very huge tortoises, wild horses and deer, to name a few.

#2 - Birds International: Presenting our winged friends at Birds International, situated in Fairview, Quezon City which is near Manila. Also known as Avicultural Park and Research Center, this one of a kind zoo hosts a total of 6,000 animals out of 198 species, with only one as a mammal and the rest of them are birds. Its main purpose is for research and for breeding of threatened species of exotic birds. Among these are parrots, Asian doves, hornbills, gallinaceous birds, cranes and Spix’s macaw, a.k.a., blue macaw. These wonderful birds are sold to pet lovers, hobbyists, zoos and parks.

#3 - Crocolandia Foundation: A first of its kind in Central Visayas, Crocolandia Foundation is home to birds, lizards, snakes, crocodiles, civets, rufous hornbill, ostrich, myna, iguana, squirrel, etc. Furthermore, its visitors can also encounter their museum, library, gardens, and fishponds there. This laudable conservation center is specifically found in Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines, and you and your family can delight in those animals for a very minimal entrance fee.

#4 - Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden: Already a landmark in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden, has been around since 1959. It has cared for more than 832 animals from almost 100 species, since 2007 and also features diverse plants from all over the Philippines, including the South Pacific region. Some of the pretty animals and birds there are the Catalina parrot, Tiger, Asian elephant, Multi-colored stork, Cassowary, Egret, Rufous hornbill, Indian blue peafowl, and Black-crowned night heron. Currently, efforts are being done to make the zoo as comfortable as possible for the animals as well as its visitors, by the adding of trees and expansion of enclosures.

#5 - Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center: Named in honor of the late Benigno S. “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr., an ex- politician in the Philippines, and father of our current president PNOY, he is considered a hero by many Filipinos. Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center is almost 65 – hectare huge, and can be checked out in Diliman, Quezon City. A number of indigenous plants and animals may be greeted there, that are comprised of crab-eating macaques, water monitors, Philippine deer, binturongs, Palawan bearded pigs and many kinds of birds.

Runner-ups include Malabon Zoo in Manila, and Zoobic Safari in Subic Bay.
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