The Amazing Mount Apo and 9 Others Reasons to Visit Davao City

Mount Apo in Davao, Philippines
Davao City, otherwise called the “Durian Capital of the Philippines”, and also, the “Fruit Basket of the Philippines”, is a favorite tourist destination for both the locals and foreigners. One can have a multifaceted adventure there, from frolicking at the beach, trying local food and transportation, joining yearly festivities, discovering its cultural heritage, to fellowshiping, shopping, etc.

Here are 10 wonderful reasons to visit Davao City:

#1 - Robust Economy: The National Economic and Development Authority and the Regional Development Council both agree and believe that the economy of Davao City will gain even more leverage this year. They emphasized that the manufacturing, as well as the construction industry, are two of the top winners, as evidenced by the establishment of many new businesses there, such as ICT parks and business process outsourcing.

What is more, the biggest and most advanced steel mill in the Philippines is now operational there, namely, Davao Works Rolling Mills – which can provide strong and affordable steel products that would benefit property developers, construction companies, and homeowners alike.

#2 - Agricultural Developments: Good news for the value adding agricultural production chain in Davao, because the newly started Food Processing Innovation Center in Philippine Women’s College, Davao, promises to be a huge support for the region’s agricultural sector.

#3 - Progressive Tourism: There is a good possibility of additional direct flights from Davao City to South Korea, after South Korean Travel Agency made a marketability assessment in the city. Koreans are the number one tourists who frequent Davao City, closely followed by Americans, Japanese, Chinese and Australians.

#4 - Mount Apo: Your visit to Davao won’t be complete without seeing Mount Apo, the Philippines’ highest mountain, which is thus, a remarkable climb for hikers.

#5- Samal Island: Do take your time to enjoy excellent water sports in Samal Island, dubbed as the largest resort city in the country.

#6 - D’ Bone Collector Museum: Come and experience learning about various animals in the world in this great museum of bone collection.

#7 - Aliwagwag Falls: Refresh yourself, cool down or splash it up amidst the sweltering temperature, by taking advantage of this highest falls in the Philippines.

#8 - People’s Park: Take a break and catch up on the latest with your friends or family, by having a picnic only here, at the cleanest and greenest park in the nation.

#9 - Eden Nature Park: Life is good in this cool and famous mountain resort, where fun never stops as you move your muscles doing the many exciting activities offered here.

#10 - Philippine Eagle Center: Pose for a photo or two with the Philippine National Bird, already endangered and is also known as the Monkey-eating Eagle.
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