Boracay Vs. El Nido -- Where Should You Take Your Next Vacation?

Boracay Vs. El Nido

Since Boracay (in Aklan) and El Nido (in Palawan) are both ultra popular vacation destinations in beautiful, sunny Philippines, you might as well want to include these two places in your bucket list. Both have beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, and nearby islands for island hopping. But there are a few distinct differences!

What to expect from Boracay:

Boracay is definitely more crowded, more noiser, easier to get to, and there are a lot more fun things to do when you get there. Here are few things to expect:

The Good:
* awesome nightlife
* affordable buffet packages
* all sorts of water sports
* more affordable hotels and restaurants
* miles and miles of powdery white sand
* crystal clear torquiose sea
* amazing star gazing
* nearby airport

The Bad:
* can be very noisy with loud music, sometimes even at night
* usually very crowded (especially during peak season)
* walkways easily flood when raining

What to expect from El Nido

El Nido is quieter, more relaxed and secluded, and a bit harder to get to. Here are a few things to expect:

The Good:
* candlelight dinners
* quiet walks on the beach
* sublime waterfalls
* ancient caves
* lush jungle
* mangrove forests
* marble cliffs
* great diving

The Bad:
* the closest airport is a 6 hour drive away
* mostly everything is closed by 7pm
* beach area is very small compared to Boracay
* daily power outages

Both places are worth visiting, but it really all depends on what you are looking for.
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