Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Guimaras Island, Philippines

Guimaras Island, Philippines

Guimaras Island is a province in the western portion of Visayas with Jordan as its capital. Known for what could be the world’s sweetest mangoes, hence its being dubbed, “Mango Capital of the Philippines,” Guimaras Island is also rich in beautiful beaches, marine reserves, handicrafts, coconuts, fish, et al.

Here are the best places to visit in Guimaras Island:

#1 - Guisi Lighthouse: is an 18th century Spanish colonial ruin that is an excellent spot for photo shoots because of its charm and great view of the sea nearby. Guisi Lighthouse is a pride of the locals from Guimaras Island since it is the second oldest one in the country, next to the lighthouse in Aparri, Cagayan. What is more, there is just a minimal 15-minute trek leading to Guisi Lighthouse, which is truly well worth all the effort.

#2 - Guisi Beach: A fantastic next stop after visiting nearby Guisi Lighthouse, right in Nueva Valencia, Guisi Beach is awesome for snorkeling as fish and coral reefs abound at the shoreline. You will also adore the exquisite rock formations in this beach, in addition to its white sand and amazing sunset view. Indeed, you and your company will appreciate a day trip to this fine, uncrowded beach, if you are looking for tranquility and undisturbed relaxation.

#3 - Marine Reserved Area: is a brilliant tourist destination, too, in Guimaras Island. If you are bringing kids along, they will especially be delighted in seeing special marine life, represented by giant clams, seahorses, starfish and turtles being bred in captivity for important studies. Also known as SEAFDEC (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center), tourists can find this place specifically in Lawi, Jordan.

#4 - Taklong Island National Marine Reserve: is a marine resort in Guimaras Island, where the beauty of white sand, clear ocean water, mangroves, rich marine life perfect for snorkeling, and a watch tower (where the Department of Environment and Natural Resources staff stay to collect donations) all combine to make way for your awesome adventure! Not to mention, they have got overnight accommodation for a very low rate if you prefer staying longer for the peace, quiet and fun this place can offer…

#5 - Tatlong Pulo Beach: is a hidden beach in Sinapsapan, Jordan, where you can relax on its white sand for sunbathing, and have a dip into its cool as well as crystal clear water with your lover or friends. There is just a minimal entrance fee to this beach and you can enjoy your packed lunch and drinks in their cottage. A rustic yet terrific kind of place to just while away your time by the calm sea, under the warm sun…oh, what fun within your reach, only at Tatlong Pulo Beach!
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