Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pagudpud, Philippines

Patapat Viaduct in Pagudpud, Philippines
Photo credit: Perry A. Dominguez
Pagudpud, found in the northern Ilocos region of the Philippines and famous for Boracay-like beaches and resorts, takes pride its many touristy spots that all tourists will truly enjoy visiting. Although located more than 348 miles (561 kilometers) from the country's city of Manila, the trip is well worth it.

Here are the top tourist attractions in Pagudpud:

#1 - Saud Beach: has a first-rate resort called Saud Beach Resort, waiting to give you the best accommodation there – you and your company are sure to take delight in their comfortable rooms’ amenities such as full air conditioning, shower, toilet, veranda, mini-refrigerator, etc. You are sure to praise your way too, towards Saud Beach’s golden white sand, amazingly cool and clear water, fun water sports, plus the leniency there is since you can bring your own snacks without having to pay any corkage fees!

#2 - Kabigan Falls: is such a worthy escape from hot and humid city life in the Philippines! There is a minimal 1.5 kilometers hike with a tour guide, through some rocky forest, but you can do it! Just wear extra strong shoes, not slippers, and prepare your swim suit because … the water from Kabigan Falls is oh-so-cool and rejuvenating – excellent for adorable swimming!

#3 - Bangui Windmills: upon gazing at such a great invention as Bagui Windmills, providing a total of 24.75 megawatts of electricity – you would probably say to yourself, why in the world should the Philippines not have these too in Visayas and Mindanao? Perhaps someday this will be a reality. For now, get a kick out of taking photos across Bangui Windmills with your travel buddies, spouse or family to document your entertaining itinerary in Pagudpud!

#4 - Patapat Viaduct: (pictured above) at 1.3 kilometers long, is the 4th longest bridge in the Philippines, stretching from the Maharlika Hiway from Laoag, Ilocos Norte up until Cagayan Valley Region. Get a thrill out of buying some souvenirs from a shop at the end of this bridge; and snapping pictures with the South China Sea as your background or the lush coastal mountains beside the stretch of Patapat Viaduct. What is more, allow that cool breeze of fresh air coming from the sea to touch your face as you bustle about this place!

#5 - Blue Lagoon: in Pagudpud, is definitely at par with the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, in terms of beauty and charm! Literally bluer than blue, Blue Lagoon is your calm and quiet kind of beach in Ilocos, with sparkling clear aquamarine water suitable for fun swimming; along with its powdery white sand, where ultimately no man is an island, but being not crowded – allows you to “own” this beach as if only you and your family/spouse/buddies exist while you are there. Way to go Blue Lagoon! We Swoon!

#6 - Bantay Abot Cave: is a tourist spot in Pagudpud with this pit stop, tip top for photo ops! The most smashing reasons to do so are Bantay Abot Cave’s peep hole which puts the clear blue lagoon water into perfect view on top of other angles, showing a fishing village in addition to the greenery of the majestic mountain as your backdrops. And boy, it’s plain to see! You can also pretend to hold Bantay Abot Cave’s huge rock as if you were superman/woman in action!

#7 - Hannah’s Zipline: You will totally L-O-V-E this longest zip line in the world over water! Yes, Hannah’s Zipline, found in Hannah’s Beach Resort over at Barangay Balaoi, Sitio Malingay, is one of the most exciting places you could be for your escapade with friends, family, your spouse, or even if you are travelling solo. So, whatever stresses you let it go! And let Hannah’s Zip line be one of the most refreshing activities, you know!

#8 - Dos Hermanos Islands: for all you snorkeling fanatics out there, do bring your gear and head towards Dos Hermanos Islands, where you can spot corrals, parrot fish, blue starfish, etc. Most tourists who go there also find its sunset and sunrise viewing pretty astonishing. Not to mention, if you ‘re into surfing, you can also get on your surf board and catch Dos Hermanos Island’s awesome sea waves, that is, only for the brave’s!

#9 - Timmantang Rock: Let’s face it, every day living can bring some upsetting things – because of which you just want to forget it all and download lots of reasons to smile or be glad! That’s just what Timmantang Rock can do for you, on your way to the resorts in Pagudpud. So, stop over, have a picnic with whoever loves fun like you do, bring out your camera and go snap, snap, snap those wonderful images at beautiful Timmantang Rock – which indeed totally rocks!

#10 - Aqua Grande: last but not the least on our list, Aqua Grande nonetheless also makes Pagudpud a great vacation destination with it’s cool spring water flowing from the mountains, that goes into a river and onto the South China Sea! Just so mesmerizing to see! To top it off, you can also spend quality time there with your family, friends or better half by enjoying your packed snacks and drinks amidst the cool air, lush mountain all around, together with the sea waves’ splashing sound that so astounds!
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