Top 5 Best Beach Resorts in Antique, Philippines

Antique, Philippines
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The stunning province of Antique, located in Western Visayas has very many outstanding natural resources as their pride, that include: sublime falls, a majestic mountain, a unique park, beach resorts, and Malumpati Health Spring together with Bugang River, considered as the cleanest body of water in the Philippines, which is why they are both famous for rafting as well as river boating.

Here are some of the top beach resorts in Antique to stay at:

#1 - Phaidon Beach Resort: Have the time of your life in Phaidon Beach Resort, located in Tingib, Pandan – where the rooms have air conditioning, HD flat screen TV, hot & cold shower, refrigerator, breakfast, etc. Dig their scrumptious meals of international cuisine and thrilling activities too, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, island hopping, mountain trekking, plus many more to adore!

#2 - Le Palme Beach Resort: Fall into the arms of relaxing Le Palme Beach Resort – your rightful R&R haven over at Barangay Zaldivar, Pandan! Sleep like a baby in their clean and comfortable accommodation, most of which have full air conditioning, 32” LCD television with cable connection, free WiFi access, hot and cold shower, etc. What is more, you can Jet Ski, scuba dive, swim into the crystal clear water; not to mention indulge at their beach restaurant all you want while there!

#3 - Pandan Beach Resort: Just who can stop the overflowing happiness from Pandan Beach Resort? It is your warm and friendly sanctuary in Barangay Dionela, Pandan – that you’ll hold dear because of their amazing rooms, most of which have air conditioning, breakfast for two, TV, hot and cold running water in the bathroom, etc. To top it off, you can rid yourself of all your stress via their soothing massage, manicure, pedicure, bonding moments with your special someone in the floating gazebo, and lots of other cool stuff to do and buy!

#4 - RosePoint Beach Resort: Another fabulous spot waiting for you to arrive is RosePoint Beach Resort, located in Mag-aba, Pandan. You will love everything there namely: very affordable accommodation with cable TV, air conditioning, comfortable bed, etc. In addition to that, they offer great customer service and food, to make sure your stay is most memorable; plus their beach and lake views are truly captivating; thus worth capturing with your phone cameras, SLR’s and the like.

#5 - Precia-Villavert Beach Resort: This hotel is so worth your stay in Antique, too, specifically in its location at San Fernando Beach Boulevard, San Jose de Buenavista. Here, you can cheer about this astonishing resort’s lovely sunset, mini zoo, affordable cottages as well as cabins, nice beach front, 3 cool swimming pools for both adults and kids along with a very friendly staff/owner who will welcome you as well as assist you all the way!
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