5 Reasons to Take a Vacation in Arena Island in Palawan

Arena Island in Palawan, Philippines

It’s about time to surrender to a spectacular weekend in unspoiled Arena Island – your heavenly getaway located in Narra, Palawan! Originally just the home of many turtles, Arena Island is perfect and beautiful for its wonderful natural resources awaiting your discovery and pleasure.

Here are the top reasons to go to Arena Island:

#1 - Packed with Mother Nature’s bounty: Eye-batter Arena Island features its mostly sunny skies that meet with the crystal clear blue water, white sandy beach, robust marine life, lively coral reef, cool wind breeze that says, “We aim to please.”; lush landscape, etc. In total, a kind of love that surely heals your tiredness from all of life’s concerns!

#2 - Amazing lodging: Hold your bonding moments in Arena Island’s superb rooms with all the sizes that can suit your budget and group size. Their original casita is good for couples and small families, where you’ll appreciate its native theme, air conditioning, mini bar, bathroom and balcony. Otherwise, if your family or fambam consists of 6 members, they have got their “new casita” just for you – revel in their super cool air conditioning, mini bar, bigger bathroom and balcony. In addition to that, if you are coming over with a group of 15 people, you got to know that their Pavilion – a spacious, native housing surrounded by cooling Balete and Mahogany trees, shall be your comfortable accommodation, you’ll be full of adoration!

#3 - Enjoyable water sports: You’ll be optimally entertained by Arena Island’s thrilling water activities – such as snorkeling, diving, pedal boating, swimming, kayaking, fishing, or simply lounging on the beach’s sun chairs as you chit chat and have a picnic with your loved ones. That’s the whole point of this trip that definitely doesn’t disappoint!

#4 - Top notch facilities & services: Arena Island has only goodness in store for you and your buddies or family – take delight in their tree houses so exciting to eat lunch at; along with their relaxing hammocks by the sea, you’ll be filled with glee! Besides digging their delicious food and drinks, you will have the time of your life with their soothing massage as well!

#5 - Eco-tourism advocacies: Arena Island is also your escapade like no other because as you visit, you are in fact being a contributor to the preservation of the Philippines’ native turtles, which are one of the most famous reasons why tourists travel there. Not to mention, if you are there and there are new hatchlings born, you can even have the privilege of releasing them into the see yourselves. Captivating, eh?!
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