Beautiful Batanes, the Philippines’ Smallest Province -- Tourist Attractions, White Beaches, Rolling Hills, and More!

Batanes, Philippines

Batanes, the Philippines’ smallest province, is situated in the northernmost part of the country just 190 kilometers (120 miles) from the coast of Taiwan. Because of this, Batanes is usually cooler than all the rest of the Philippines even during summer. Nonetheless, tourists in Batanes will have a very favorable time as this charming province has many rolling hills, great art, white beaches, majestic mountains, etc.

Here is a list of the most amazing places to visit in Batanes:

#1 - Basco Lighthouse (Basco): You must capture photo worthy moments from no other than atop Basco Lighthouse, located in Basco, Batanes – oozing with greatness! What a picturesque sight of the clear blue sea all around, with the refreshing verdant slopes where Basco Lighthouse stands, amidst a breathtaking view of the stunning blue skies above and the honest, loving people living in the houses in Basco town on land. So you can understand the brightness of Batanes, no less!

#2 - Naidi Hills (Basco): is whereBasco Lighthouse is situated and you can just go ahead and take pleasure in viewing there either the glorious sunrise or awesome sunset or both. Open up; open up your eyes to Naidi Hills’ peaceful surroundings where the cool breeze from the ocean is sure to touch your face! You deserve that moment of reflection as you sit on top of this beautiful hill while you watch the sea’s gentle wave’s crash onto the shores of the beach below. Many a happy couple, excited debutante, or university graduate, have also preferred taking photo ops on these hills so alive with the sound of their joy and celebration. Just call it what it is – full bliss!

#3 - Marlboro Hills (Mahatao): getting to Marlboro Hills is definitely hitting the mark for a time well spent with your loved ones or even if you are traveling solo -- just come and chill on its grass bed, as you gaze upon the cattle feeding there and listen to the sound of the huge waves coming from the Pacific Ocean! For your information though, it can be really windy on Marlboro Hills, but no worries, all you have to do is to breath in all the cool air around, next to appreciating the sky, the entire scenery, and the total serenity this place offers. Simply smashing!

#4 - Yaru Gallery & Art Shop (National Road): Take home with you the rich artistic heritage of Batanes! In their efforts to preserve the beauty and culture of this wonderful province, the genius artists of Yaru Gallery & Art Shop, who are of Ivatan descent, create and sell great paintings that depict their lifestyle, in addition to hand-painted fridge magnets, postcards, wooden bracelets, souvenir shirts and bags. This museum cum gallery and art shop may be young, yet its visual artists, musicians and literary artists all work hard to maintain its strength and longevity, for the Ivatan arts’ sake. Now, that’s priceless!

#5 - Valugan Beach (Contra Costa Road, Basco): is where you should be so as if to see, heavenly crystal sea! Unique Valugan Beach is surrounded by tons of rocks of various sizes you almost couldn’t notice the sand on its land! Watch all your stresses melt just by the sight of the ocean waves splashing onto Valugan Beach’s boulders, even as you listen to the sweet sound of the cool wind all around … yes, you have found your worthy escape!

#6 - Sabtang Beach (Morong Beach): Welcome to the pristine charm of Sabtang Beach! Enjoy snapping photos through its natural rock arch by the sea, where you can also see and step on white sand – although we advise you to wear diving shoes as there are lots of corals and rocks there, so just be aware. It is one of the most photographed scenic spots in Batanes – yes, its ageless attractiveness is all yours for the taking! It may not be suitable for swimming or surfing, but still is a thrill just to be at. You can feel it!

#7 - Mount Iraya (Batan Island): no more holding back, be fearless and conquer Mount Iraya! It is usually covered with clouds and in order to reach its peak, one must surely get a good guide and clearance from a government office, since it is one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines! Its beauty and majesty truly represents the sincere plus honest Ivatans (how people in Batanes are called) – standing tall yet humble despite all the storms and struggles of life inevitable.

#8 - Mount Matarem (Basco): the center of focus on spectacular Mount Matarem is the separation of the two boulders that gives way to the highway in between them – indeed a perfect location to take pictures at! The adorable view of the Pacific Ocean from it will absolutely awaken you too. Lift your head a little higher and spread your arms a lot wider --- it’s kind of impossible not to do this on Mount Matarem where it is high time to make a joyful noise as you pose for those instagram worthy photos!
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