5 Amazing Destinations for Backpackers in the Philippines (Beaches, Mountains, and the City!)

Backpackers in the Philippines

With over seven thousand islands to explore, the Philippines is considered one of the best places for backpackers. Aside from the different kinds of adventures, travel expenses are relatively low and the people are genuinely hospitable. Definitely, you can never wrong with backpacking in the Philippines.

Here are the five amazing destinations for backpackers in the Philippines:

#1 - Sagada: Unique non-stop adventure awaits in this town in the Mountain Province. About four hours away from the city of Baguio, backpackers could enjoy hiking and camping in the hills, rock climbing, trekking to different falls, or visiting the eerie hanging coffins. For even more adrenaline rush, go spelunking on a Cave Connection tour.

#2 - Bohol: Most popularly known for its Chocolate Hills, this province in Central Visayas region also has beautiful white sand beaches. Backpacker areas are usually found near the beachfront. But if you feel like you've had too much of beaches, you can also visit its exotic rainforests, go on a river ride, or witness the rare tarsier.

#3 - Siargao: You don't have to be a surfer to enjoy the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. The laid-back island also features stunning white sand beaches, amazing lagoons, coral reefs, and limestone formations. Backpackers usually stay in affordable hostels around the General Luna area or camp around the island for free.

#4 - Dumaguete: A famous University Town, this city exudes a young vibe that most backpackers are looking for. Backpacker hostels are available at affordable prices. Enjoy a leisurely walk or bike around Rizal Boulevard while watching the view of the ocean. There are also natural spots such as waterfalls, lakes, and mountain.

#5 - Manila: Yes, you can enjoy backpacking in the capital city of the Philippines! Some backpackers who are into the hustle and bustle action love to experience staying at Ermita near the historic walled city of Intramuros. Enjoy just walking around, strolling in the malls, and having fun with the night entertainment.
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