Honda Bay, Palawan - 5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Visit!

Honda Bay, Palawan

Honda Bay is situated on the eastern shore of Palawan island, near Puerto Princesa City in southwestern Philippines. It is truly such a splendid tourist attraction to behold, experience and explore in Palawan -- every tourist's dream haven.

Here are the top reasons why you should visit Honda Bay:

#1 - Perfect for island hopping: Sign up for a travel agency's island hopping tour from Honda Bay if you may and have a good time on the white sandy beaches plus crystal clear blue waters of Cowrie Island, Luli and Starfish Island (yes, you'll see starfishes there!) ... A delicious picnic lunch also awaits all eager beaver tourists for this cool getaway!

#2 - Ideal for snorkeling: Honda Bay's islands showcase small reef and aquarium fishes present due to their coral & sand patches. Studies reveal that snorkeling is good for one's health as it can tone, trim and motivate people. Now, that's good news for your Honda Bay cruise!

#3 - Many beach resorts nearby: With free parking and breakfast, you can stay at Microtel by Windham Puerto Princesa, which is about 5.6 kilometers from Honda Bay. Otherwise, opt for Panja Resort Palawan on Bay Vista Road, that's 4.6 kilometers from Honda Bay. Moreover, if you are on a budget, choose the more affordable accommodation at Villa Saturnina, in Honda Bay Wharf, Barangay Santa Lourdes, which also offer free parking, airport transportation, breakfast, and room air conditioning. These and many other hotels are available near Honda Bay that can brighten your vacay!

#4 - Many restaurants nearby: There's Viet Ville Restaurant located in Barangay Santa Lourdes, which is only about 2.9 kilometers from Honda Bay -- they cater to foodies who are looking for authentic but affordable Vietnamese and Asian dishes plus excellent customer service! Another option is Baker's Kitchen, for those with sweet tooth. Only 5.2 kilometers from Honda Bay, they offer both Filipino and Asian cuisines, the top seller though are their moon cakes (hopias) and raisin bread. Baker's Kitchen is also proud of its mini theme park that is suitable for both children and adults. These and many other restaurants near Honda Bay will surely make your day!

#5 - Good reviews of the island: Visitors to Honda Bay are raving about what a wonderful trip it is to go there, how much they enjoyed island hopping, snorkeling, the nice white sandy beaches, clear waters, fish feeding, beautiful starfishes, peaceful Pandan Island and other noteworthy islands, well-guided tours, mouthwatering buffet lunch... Thus, a journey worth your every penny!
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