Top 7 Tourist Spots and Beaches on Catanduanes Island (A Place Many People Say is a Blessing and a Curse!)

Binurong Point in Catanduanes, Bicol

Catanduanes, being the Philippine island closest to the Pacific Ocean, is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing as it serves as a home to many idyllic beaches, but also a curse as it is more vulnerable to tropical cyclones. However, despite being the "Land of the Howling Winds," not any storm or calamity has yet destroyed the untouched beauty of this "Eco-Tourism Paradise."

Here are the best tourist spots and beaches in Catanduanes, Bicol:

#1 - Tampad Beach: Situated in a small, underdeveloped area, this beach is perfect for small groups looking for a private escape. It has few cottages scattered around the area of fine coral sand surrounded by clear waters. It is also famous for the "Jesus' face" rock formation.

#2 - Binurong Point: The hills are alive in this tourist spot that resembles the Marlboro County in Batanes. At the cliff, a picturesque view of the sea and lush green patches of land awaits. For a better viewing experience, it is advised to go there at dawn to witness the sun rising up and shining on the grass and the sea.

#3 - Puraran Surf Spot: Facing straight the Pacific Ocean is this spot that would definitely fulfill a surfer's fantasy. It features long barrel-type waves that expert and beginner surfers alike would love. The locals in the area also offer surfing classes at an affordable rate.

#4 - Igang Beach: One of the popular and developed resorts in the area, it still has the relaxing vibe and ambiance. It does not only have cream and fine sand and clear waters, but it is also surrounded by islets and enormous rock formations covered with lush greenery.

#5 - Maribina Falls: Nothing beats a picnic spot by a refreshing waterfall. This tourist spot famous to picnickers and weekenders has a 5 to 6 meters tall radiant spouting rapids. There are a few cottages in the area but some prefer lounging near the falls itself.

#6 - Balacay Point: Smaller land area but in a higher location than the Binurong Point, it offers a wider view of the Pacific on the horizon as well as the Balacay Island on the left and the Puraran Beach on the right.

#7 - Amenia Beach: A stunning stretch of coastline, this beach was developed as a resort and also offers airconditioned accommodations, pools, cottages and other amenities. It has been developed for tourism purposes but it has maintained its relaxing and secluded setting.
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