What to Do (And Not to Do) in The New Boracay

Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay Island, known as one of the most pristine islands in the world, has always been the go-to beach destination in the Philippines. Tourists around the world flock the island for its crystal clear blue waters, white sand shores, bustling nightlife, and world-class accommodations. After leaving the limelight temporarily for some massive rehabilitation, Boracay has opened once again to be greater and more astonishing than ever.

Here's what you can do in the new Boracay:

#1 - Revel in the scenic view: Look beyond and be amazed by how the crystal clear blue waters meet the azure ethereal sky; look below and be awed by how blinding the fine white sand is. Watch how the sun rises up to a new morning and goes down indicating it's time to take a break. Even the underwater scene is impeccable, best seen through snorkeling.

#2 - Relax by the hotel: Over 150 accommodation establishments have been allowed to operate by the Department of Tourism, it means a total of about 7,300 rooms will be available for booking. From affordable to 5-star hotels, there's surely a hotel for everyone's preference! Take note: only those booked at compliant hotels, or hotels that have obtained their environmental compliance certificate, are allowed to enter the island.

#3 - Stroll around the beach: The wide stretch of flour-like white sand has become even more satisfying to walk on. There were no more beach beds, parasols, and other forms of obstructions within the 25-meter beachfront. To make your stroll more worthwhile, be on the lookout for litter such as plastic and styrofoam and put them in proper trash cans. By that, you can also help conserve Boracay's beauty!

#4 - Follow the rules: The local government has put up stricter beach rules to ensure the island is properly taken care of. Some water activities such as kite surfing and jet skiing have been restricted. Smoking and seaside partying have also been prohibited. But it doesn't mean there's no more fun because there are still a lot of things to do on the island. After all, what's important is to keep Boracay clean and beautiful.
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