Top 5 Amusement Parks in the Philippines

Sky Ranch in Tagaytay Philippines

In the search for the "happiest place" in the Philippines, one must have thought of outdoor amusement parks that feature thrilling and fun rides as the number one choice. Surely, nothing could be more exciting than that, especially when you're with your loved ones, family, and barkada!

Here are the most exciting outdoor amusement parks in the Philippines:

#1 - Star City: Not one for the faint-hearted, Star City features some of the most exhilarating rides that would surely fulfill your thirst for an adrenaline rush. It boasts popular heart-pumping rides such as the Star Flyer, the only inverted roller coaster in the Philippines, Star Frisbee, which swings upward while spinning around, the Giant Star Wheel, which offers a majestic view of Roxas Boulevard and the Manila Bay while inside any of its 36 air-conditioned gondolas, and many more.

#2 - Sky Ranch: Its two locations -- one in the south (Tagaytay) and another up north (Pampanga) -- houses two of the country's tallest Ferris Wheels. Hop on the Tagaytay Eye which lets you see the beauty of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake from 63 meters above or the Pampanga Eye which gives a view of the nearby of Mt. Arayat. Aside from the classic carnival rides, its Tagaytay location also features a Sky Cruiser and a zipline while its Pampanga location is more on kiddie rides.

#3 - Gloria's Fantasyland: Referred to as the only high-end amusement park in Mindanao, it features big rides similar to those in Luzon. The waterfront theme park has thrilling rides such as the Fight Shark, Flying Ball, Bull Ride, and its highly-acclaimed horror house, among others. Yet, its highlight is the Grand Night Parade which features shows like Joy of Life, Festival of Colors/Parade of Cultures, Fireworks, and Fire and Thunder Show.

#4 - SM by the Bay: Located at the Mall of Asia complex, the SM by the Bay could be readily accessible after shopping or hitting the food stalls nearby. Though it features mostly kiddie carnival rides, but it could definitely bring back the child in you. For grownups, ride the MOA Eye which gives a bird's eye view of the Manila Bay, Mall of Asia, and its surrounding establishments. Also, catch breathtaking fireworks displays every Friday and Saturday and special occasions.

#5 - Fantasy World: This abandoned castle, which is situated on top of a hill full of eerie, unfinished structures, has caught the attention of those who like a "Zombieland" type of thrill. Originally pegged to be the Disney World of the Philippines, its developer was forced to leave it undone due to financial problems. Regardless, it has now been open for the public to experience and also became a filming location for numerous TV series and blockbuster movies.
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