Camp John Hay and 5 Other Reasons Why You Should Visit Baguio

Camp John Hay in Baguio

Baguio City is the summer capital of the Philippines, which is situated about 5,050 feet above sea level in the Cordillera Central mountain range in Northern Luzon. One of the main reasons tourists savor Baguio City is the presence of Camp John Hay there -- also known as John Hay Air Station.
Presently an important tourist attraction in Baguio City, Camp John Hay boasts of several exquisite spots such as the Treetop Adventure Rides (zipline/canopy rides/tree drop/trekking); Butterfly Sanctuary; Bell House, Cemetery of Negativism, Restaurants (Yellow Cab/Army Navy/Starbucks/Le Chef/Tender Joe Steakhouse/Mile Hi Diner/Choco-late de batirol), & picnic area.

Aside from Camp John Hay, here are 5 more captivating reasons to go to Baguio City:

#1 - Spring climate all throughout the year: Escape the hot and humid temperature in the lowland areas of the Philippines by vacationing in Baguio City -- a mere 6-8 hours bus ride from Cubao, Metro Manila. The long trip will be worth it as you smell and sense the coolness of this City of Pines, another alias of Baguio City -- next to being the country's Summer Capital. This wonderful tourist destination has spring climate all throughout the year, and its temperature even drops to 5 degrees Celsius or lower around Christmas/New Year's Day time. Hence, Baguio City is famous among Filipinos, returning OFW's, and even foreigner tourists/business people who want to enjoy Philippine living in a cool setting.

#2 - Irresistible places to visit: Take delight in the artworks in Bencab Museum; get a kick out of biking/boating/strolling/food tripping in Burnham Park; relish meeting the people in the Philippine Military Academy; take pictures with tribal yet colorful Igorot's in Mines View Park; do exciting horseback riding in Wright Park; adore the greenery as well as flowers in the Botanical garden.... what do you think of all these fun? Consider it done, eh?!

#3 - Great food: For its myriad of scrumptious food available in several highly commendable restaurants -- Amare La Cucina (Italian/Pizza/Vegetarian); Good Taste Restaurant (Chinese/Filipino/Asian); Ketchup Food Community (American/Filipino/Asian); Hill Station (Filipino/Spanish/Vegetarian); Cafe By the Ruins (Filipino/Cafe/Asian); Forest House (Italian/American/Filipino); and so many more to explore!!!

#4 - Shopping: Go to Baguio City Market and get all the top goodies there for foodies -- such as fresh strawberries, yam jams, peanut brittle, bottled honey; or even non-food items like, accessories, bags, clothes, and so on and so forth! Not to mention, there is also SM City Baguio, where you can buy all your needs from supermarket items, to clothes, shoes, jewellery, sports gear, etc. To top it off, there are two good gift and specialty shops there called Harrison Road Night Market as well as Mount Cloud Bookshop.  Tops!

#5 - Hospitable and friendly people: People from Baguio City are generally warm and approachable people. You can see it from the way they will smile at you, serve you and offer assistance in case you need help or directions to places you would like to visit. Even their taxi drivers are very honest to the point of always giving the exact change that you need after paying your bill! Feel the thrill of people so real!
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