Take a Look at the Various Types of Visas Available when You Marry a Filipino

There are multiple types of Philippines visas that are beneficial for certain people depending on their unique situation. If you’ve married a Filipino, you may want to live in the Philippines permanently or just for part of each year.
The type of visa you apply for can also be affected by your country of birth. If you are a foreign national from a country that also grants permanent residence and immigration privileges to Filipinos, you will be able to apply for an immigrant visa. The same goes for the permanent residence visa, you’ll need to check here to see if your country is on the list countries allowed to apply for these visas.

Documents needed for a 13 (a) Non Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage

Once you have a valid marriage recognised by Philippines law with a Filipino citizen, you can apply for a 13 (a) non quota immigrant visa by marriage. While waiting for the visa to be approved, you can stay in the Philippines on a tourist visa and extend if you need.
Once you have the 13 (a) Immigrant visa, this will allow you to stay in the Philippines indefinitely if you wish, as long as you adhere to the conditions e.g.; staying married to a Filipino, among others. You can find out more about the conditions and requirements here.

Here is the list of documents needed for Philippines visa applications:

  • Joint letter addressed to the commissioner from the applicant and Filipino spouse
  • 2 original copies of the CGAF (Consolidated General Application Form)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate of application and certified identification certificate of Filipino spouse
  • Photocopy of Filipino spouses valid ID e.g.; passport/driving license
  • Photocopy of applicants passport bio page and current visa page
  • Police clearance from applicants country of residence if been in Philippines less than 6 months
  • Valid National Bureau of Investigation if applicant been in Philippines longer than 6 months
  • x2 passport photos
Once the documents have been presented, the whole process should take up to 2-3 months to get approval.

Residence Visa (13a) for the Spouse of a Filipino Citizen

The Philippines residence visa basically gives you the same rights as the Immigrant Visa by marriage, when applying for residence in the Philippines to be with your Filipino spouse. It’s also known as a 13 (a) and issued on the basis of proof of your marriage to a Filipino alongside other requirements. Here’s what you need to qualify;
  • You must have a valid marriage certificate with a Filipino citizen
  • The marriage is recognised under Philippines law
  • The applicant has no prior bad record with local or foreign law enforcement
  • The applicant has no contagious diseases and must prove this with a medical certificate
  • Must have and be able to prove sufficient financial capacity to live
  • Has already been admitted into the Philippines to stay with no problems
Check here to ensure your country is one on the list of who are permitted permanent residence privileges into the Philippines. You can apply for your permanent resident visa at the immigration offices in Manila, Cebu and Davao City.

If you are sure you’re applicable for a residence visa check here for details on what you need to take with you to the immigration office. It can take a few weeks or even months for the permanent resident visa to be granted.

Your first accepted application will last for one year, then you’ll have to apply again for which that application will last 10 years. If all this process seems too much, another simpler way is applying for a Balik Bayan Visa which is for husbands/wives of Filipinos, former Filipino citizens or direct relatives of Filipinos and lasts for a year at a time when granted.
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