Varied and Delicious – These Are the Dishes You MUST Try When Visiting the Philippines

Filipino Food is Super satisfying and There are a Few Dishes Not to be Missed!

Filipino cuisine can be an adventure and if you can keep an open mind, you’ll find dishes with intriguing flavours. Not all of it is that healthy, so you might need to do a few workouts while you’re there, but this is the same in the most of Asia – they love their sugar, rice and fried delights!
While there are many classic Filipino recipes the majority of local people will eat, there is an emerging foodie culture in some of the big cities, particularly Manilla where you’ll find a host of modern eateries selling more recognisable foods with a Filipino twist.


Pork or chicken adobo is the most popular version, but it can be made be made with seafood or vegetables. It’s a super simple dish being made up of your chosen meat and its marinade; soy sauce, vinegar and garlic.

Throw it all in a pan, give it a bit of a stir-fry and let it simmer. Voila there’s your adobo. Simple, satisfying Filipino comfort food at its best!


Great as a snack or as a desert, you’ll find bibingka being sold at little local stalls or in big shopping malls. A popular Filipino sweet treat, it’s basically a cake baked with rice flour and coconut milk. It’s quite heavy and has a spongy like texture. Served hot – sellers will usually provide a big splodge of butter to melt onto the top!


If you’re a fan of Thailand’s Tom Yum soup, you’ll love this hearty, flavourful Filipino soup dish. It’s a tamarind based soup, usually paired with calamansi which gives it a sour and tangy flavour.

Depending on where you eat Sinigang in the Philippines, you’ll find it made with different types of protein. You can usually choose from; chicken, pork or prawn then on top of that you’ll find a myriad of vegetables like spinach, potatoes, okra, long beans, onions, tomatoes and sometimes eggplants.


We are back to the sweet treats again and turon won’t disappoint with it’s delicious sugar and banana goodness. It’s basically the Filipino street food version of a banana pancake, but just to make it even more unhealthy and delicious, they wrap the pancake, sugar and sometimes jackfruit up in a spring roll wrapper and deep fry it! Definitely wear baggy clothing if you plan on gorging on these!


As you eat your way through the Philippines, you’ll notice influences from China, other parts of Asia and even a touch of the Americas and Spain. This is true of the empanada, which originated in Spain, but Filipino street food sellers have put their own twist on it.

They basically roll out a spring roll type dough into a pancake shape, crack an egg in the middle and add in sausage meat, young papaya and a splash of vinegar – absolutely delicious! This is then deep fried. You’ll spot it a mile away in any food market in the Philippines, as the dough used is bright orange!
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