What Should You Pack When Taking a Trip to the Philippines?

If You’re Planning a Trip to The Philippines, You Need to Take a Look at This Essential Packing List

Beach lounging or city exploring, taking a trip to the Philippines will be an adventure wherever you go. One thing that will affect your packing list is the time of year you visit, as the Philippines is a tropical island and experiences two seasons; dry and rainy season.
The dry season starts at the tail end of November and finishes May time. Rainy season starts in June and ends in October and be aware that September and October have been known to see typhoons. Temperatures can soar to around 38 degrees Celsius in the summer months and drop as low as 9 degrees in the evenings in the cooler months.

Keep all this in mind when planning your visit to the Philippines and check weather reports especially in the rainy season. Take a look below for packing tips, what to bring and appropriate dress when visiting the Philippines. 

What to Wear Travelling in the Philippines

The major religion in the Philippines is Christianity and you’ll notice this everywhere when you get there with big billboards showing God towering above you and tricycles with bibles on the side. This means that there are no real rules about how you should dress and you won’t offend anyone by showing your shoulders or knees like in some countries.

If you plan to visit churches, of course dress more conservatively but lounging on the beach in your bikini is fine. You’ll see locals in shorts and t-shirts and this is normal dress on the hot, humid days. If you’re travelling in the rainy season or in areas where temperatures drop in the evenings, make sure you have long trousers and a jumper/rain jacket for when it gets chillier. 

Essentials to Not Travel Without

Whether you travel to the city or to the beaches, there are a few essential things you should pack to make life easier.

  •  A durable, main backpack. In the Philippines you’ll likely be travelling in a tricycle around the town or city and these have minimal space. Bus trips will see your luggage get thrown around as well so ensure the bag is durable. Another thing to consider is stairs! A backpack is much easier to get up stairs than a suitcase and not many places have lifts (unless you’re flash packing of course!)
  • Universal travel adapter. If you’re visiting from China, America, Japan or Europe you might be ok as the standard plug in the Philippines fits type A, B and C, 220V with a frequency of 60Hz. Taking one with you that has multiple USB ports is advised though, if you have a lot of gadgets to charge.
  • A dry bag and a fast dry towel. A dry bag will keep your valuables safe when island hopping and a fast drying towel makes life easier as it will get lots of use!
  • Comfortable clothes for hot weather. Bikinis and comfortable shorts and dresses for those hot days are great. Take flip flops for cruising beach bars and more sturdy sandals for those longer walking days.
  • Sunscreen and travel toiletries.
  • Beach bag that doubles up as a carry on flight bag.
  • Secure waist belt or scarf with hidden pocket to keep valuables in while walking around.

Anything you forget to pack, you can buy pretty cheaply when in the Philippines. Aim to pack light and you can get washing done cheaply when travelling around. Check the weather ahead of your trip to see if there’ll be any adverse weather conditions.
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