Do You Need an Onward Flight Ticket to Visit the Philippines?


Know the Rules Regarding Onward Travel When Visiting the Philippines So You Can Be Prepared

If you’re backpacking around Asia for an unlimited time, you might have gotten used to booking one-way tickets and just seeing where the wind takes you. This is the great part about travelling, sometimes you turn up in a place, only intending to stay a few weeks, then you meet some awesome people and you end up staying two months!
The Philippines is a beautiful place with thousands of islands, meaning you’ll probably want to stay there way longer than your one-month tourist visa. It’s entirely possible to extend your tourist visa initially for up to 59 days and then in stages up to 3 years if you like. The thing is, you might not even be allowed to board your flight to the Philippines if you don’t have an onward flight ticket out of the Philippines at some point!

What Counts as Proof of an Onward Ticket?

Some countries like the Philippines will want to know that you intend to leave at some point. This may sound a little harsh, but this rule is in place to prevent illegal immigration and people just disappearing without a trace. Most countries have this same rule, but many just don’t enforce it as strictly as the Philippines.

Proof of onward travel can be in the form of a flight ticket or another mode of transport like a bus or train ticket over a border. These can just be a little bit harder to buy online, as companies that offer buses and trains may not have a presence online.

Other Ways to Get Proof of Onward Travel out of the Philippines

It can feel a little bit frustrating if you’re the type of traveler who likes to make decisions on the go and you have to plan so far ahead. Luckily, there are a few (legal) ways to get around this, if you don’t want to plan the exact date you leave.

Purchase a refundable ticket. If you’ve got the spare cash and don’t mind waiting a few months to get it back, buying a refundable ticket out of the Philippines is a good option. This will placate airport staff by showing you have an onward flight, but you can cancel the ticket if you don’t wish to use it and get your money back.

* Rent an airline ticket confirmation. This is probably one of the safest and cheapest way to do this. For $19, you can get a ticket out of the Philippines booked in your name at onewayfly, who will cancel it for you later on!

* Book a budget airline super cheap flight ticket. Have a scroll through the comparison websites like and to find the cheapest flight ticket out of the Philippines. Check flights to major Asian cities next door and you could get a flight for as cheap as $30-40 if you’re lucky. Then, you’ll have a flight ticket to show and you can conveniently miss the flight if you wish to extend your time in the Philippines.
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