How to Get Married in the Philippines in Style... But on a Budget!

Beautiful Philippines wedding

Whether you are a citizen or foreigner in the Philippines, you don’t have to put yourself through financial ruin in order to replicate the wedding you have always dreamed of. Here are several ways to cut costs when getting married in the Philippines.
#1 - Find affordable wedding attire

Choosing the right wardrobe for your wedding is one of the most intricate parts of the ceremony and requires close attention to detail. Historically, the woman wears a wedding gown and veil in white or colors that correspond with your wedding theme. There are insurmountable styles of wedding gowns and with a plethora of bridal stores in the Philippines. There will be no problem finding your dream dress - even if you choose to wear a Filipiniana or a Barong Dress.

Another option is a second hand dress from your mother or another family member. You can also shop online where you will have access to dresses all over the world at a variety of price points.

For men in the Philippines, their wedding attire is just as important as that of the bride's. It has long been tradition that the groom is adorned in a Barong Tagalog, an embroidered long-sleeved formal shirt for men. This national garment of the Philippines is traditionally made with sheer textiles (nipis) woven from piña or abacá; although in modern times, cheaper materials like silk, ramie, or polyester are also used. A quick search on any search engine or Facebook can help you to find the best prices for you.

#2 - Book a modest venue

Finding the right venue is the biggest responsibility for the bride and groom to ensure their guests are properly accommodated. The bulk of spending can be poured into the location of your ceremony. With a little creative thinking you can drive down those costs drastically.

By renting a spacious Airbnb with a large outdoor area you can have your wedding and reception in one location for a small amount of pesos. If you are looking for something more grand it is best to enlist the help of an event planning company that offers all inclusive packages. By purchasing your venue, food, decor, & photography at one place you can save significantly.

#3 - Arrange for reasonably-priced food

Now for the pagkain! All components of your union are important but food is the feature that will leave a lasting impression on the senses. If your reception lacks impressive sustenance, it could leave a bad taste in the mouths of your guest, literally. There are creative ways to wow your friends and family without breaking the bank.

Order catering from your favorite local restaurant or food truck. Simply contact them and negotiate a block of time for them to come and serve your guests a few of your favorite dishes for a flat fee. You could also ask guests to bring a dish as a contribution. Another cost effective option is a build your own meal bar, with self serving options for your guests. Keeping the menu limited to a few hearty items will ensure you don’t exceed your budget.

When the time comes for you and your life partner to exchange vows, the experience should be stress-free and filled with happiness. A well calculated budget will guarantee that you experience the very best for your special day while staying within your financial means.
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