New Resort Opens in Puerto Princessa, Palawan - The Aziza Paradise Hotel

Aziza Paradise Hotel

Paradise is a good word to use to describe Palawan, a popular Philippine island known for its beautiful forests, wildlife, beaches and waterfalls. And what better way to enjoy it than to stay at one of Palawan's newest and most luxurious hotels, the Aziza Paradise Hotel.

More Than 100 Rooms

The new hotel has 125 rooms, a fine-dining restaurant called Demeter Diner, a coffee shop called Kahve Brew, pool with poolside bar, lounge with entertainment, and tour packages to visit nearby sites. The food is of particular interest because the hotel manager wants not only to serve delicious but also healthy food. Ingredients used in their food is locally grown. As Hotel General Manager Benedict Dy Tecklo points out, “World-class cuisine doesn’t have to be from other countries. It is how you prepare and serve your food, which makes it world-class.”

Night Life Included

Visitors who like the night life won't have to travel far. The Voda Bar provides cocktails, food and entertainment in an area that is large enough to accommodate a party of 200 people. You can stop at the Kahve Brew for fresh coffee and Filipino pastries or lounge around the pool and enjoy cocktails or specialty ice creams.

The focus of the new hotel is to provide an authentic Palawan experience for visitors to the island, along with the comfort they expect from a luxury hotel. If you're planning to visit the island soon, you'll want to check out what this new luxury hotel has to offer.

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