Great News!! Cebu Pacific Air Finally Approved To Fly Non-Stop to U.S. and Europe -- Plans First to Start Flying to Hawaii and Guam

Cebu Pacific Air

Philippine-based airline Cebu Pacific Air is now free to fly non-stop to Europe and to the United States. The discount airline, which is also the largest airline in the Philippines, had been banned by the European Union (EU) but the ban has now been lifted.

Julian Vassallo, ChargĂ© d'affaires at the Delegation of the EU to the Philippines, commented, "The decision… to lift the ban on Cebu Pacific shows the ability of Philippine authorities and business to work with the EU to raise standards and create economic opportunity. Having demonstrated their commitment and capacity to adhere to international standards, we heartily welcome Cebu Pacific to European skies."

But why were they banned in the first place?

The ban on Philippine carriers from entering the European airspace started back in March 2010 because of a reported failure to conform to international safety standards regulated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). That ban was lifted in November 2013, but only Philippine Airlines (PAL) was up to par at the time. Now, however, Cebu Pacific has also been cleared.

Where will they fly?

Cebu Pacific will be only the second local airline to fly directly to the United States and Europe. The other airline is again Philippine Airlines, which already flies non-stop to Guam, Honolulu, San Francisco and Los Angeles. They also have flights in Canada to Toronto and Vancouver, and in Europe to London. Cebu Pacific is expected to start flying to some of these same cities (starting with Hawaii and Guam), which experts says will make the ticket prices come down as the two airlines compete for each other's customers.

So how big of an airline is Cebu Pacific?

Pretty big already. Cebu Pacific currently operates over 2,200 flights every week with a current fleet of 51 aircraft. They offer flights from Manila and Cebu to 24 international destinations, including Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, UAE, and more. They also have flights from Manila and Cebu to 33 Philippine cities including Boracay (Caticlan), Davao City, Puerto Princessa, Cagayan De Oro, and more.

Even more, Cebu Pacific is scheduled to start taking delivery of 50 more aircraft as soon as this year. Included in those numbers are aircraft that can stay in the air for up to 16 hours.

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