Visit The Philippines -- And See Your Own Face on a Stamp!

See Your Own Face on a Stamp!

The Philippines offer a unique attraction that you won't see anywhere else. Travel to the island of Boracay, or any one of 12 tourism destinations in the Philippines, and have your own picture featured on a stamp.

The service is offered by the Philippine Postal Corp., 

which is run by the government. Boracay island just approved the service that is also offered at 11 other Philippine destinations. Here's how it works. Visitors can go to the post office (called Philpost), and have their picture taken. They are then given their very own personalized stamps. The stamps are official and can be used anywhere.

They are called selfie stamps. Where does the name come from? Selfie is the term used for taking a picture of yourself with a smart phone, therefore, selfie stamps.

Why selfie stamps? The service is being offered to encourage more people to use the postal service. Social media, e-mail and other forms of communications using modern technology has taken its toll on postal services; mailing letters has declined about ten percent every year. The new selfie stamps offer a fun way to create and use personalized stamps which the Philippine Postal Corp. is hoping will encourage more people to use postal services again.

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