Application Process for Visa Required Passport Holders to the Philippines

If You’re a National Travelling from a Visa Required Country to the Philippines, Here’s What You Need to Do

With over 7,000 islands, the Philippines is a beach lover’s paradise and if you wanted to spend a day on every single beach – it’s calculated to take you around 20 years! While not everyone will have that much time to take off for their trip to the Philippines, surely you’ll want to have a good amount of time exploring and may be wondering what the visa process is when you’re from a visa required country.
You should apply for your Philippines visa in your country of residence. Your options are; applying for a single entry visa which is valid for 3 months or a multiple entry visa which is valid for 6 months. Whichever visa you choose, you can stay for a maximum for 59 days but you can apply for an extension at the bureau of immigration.

Visa Required Countries

Afghanistan                           Montenegro
Albania                                   Nauru
Algeria                                    Nigeria
Armenia                                 North Korea
Azerbaijan                              Pakistan
Bangladesh                            Palestine
Belarus                                   Serbia
Bosnia and Herzegovina      Sierra Leone
China                                       Somalia
Cuba                                        South Sudan
Curacao                                  Sri Lanka
Egypt                                       Sudan
Georgia                                   Syria
India                                        Taiwan
Iran                                          Timor-Leste
Iraq                                          Tonga
Jordan                                     Ukraine
Kosovo                                    Yemen

The Application Process for Your Visa

Make sure you apply for your visa in your country of residence as you cannot apply while traveling in another country. You can choose to apply for a single entry visa or for a multiple entry visa if you think you may enter the Philippines multiple times within 6 months. Each visa gets you a stay for up to 59 days and you can extend when in the Philippines if you need to. Here’s what documentation you need for your application;

  • Your passport
  • A copy of your main passport page
  • An application form you can download from the consulate website, signed and dated
  • Your residence permit if you currently reside in a country different to your birth
  • Printed proof of your intended accommodation in the Philippines
  • Airline tickets showing your flight in and out of the country
  • Bank statements to show you can support yourself for your intended length of stay
  • A recent passport photo
  • Visa fee (depending on your home country), $30-40 for a single entry visa or $40-50 for multiple entry

You MUST apply for your visa in person. You CAN NOT apply by mail or through a travel agency. After your initial visa application at your nearest consulate, you can request for the visa to be sent back to you once approved by mail. You may need to provide a self-addressed envelope.

Depending on the procedures in your home country, the processing time to get your visa can vary from 2-10 working days. Some may even have to be sent to Manila for extra verification. Make sure you apply well in advance of your planned trip – at least 3 months is advised just in case there are any delays in processing.
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