5 Filipino Deserts That’ll Keep Your Sweet Tooth Super-Charged!


Filipinos Love Their Sugary Deserts. These 5 Will Keep You on a Sugary High

After chowing down on a hearty meal, there’s nothing better than a sugary sweet ending, right? If you’re travelling around the Philippines, you’ll be bombarded with a plethora of delicious sweet deserts on every corner
Being a tropical climate, many Filipino deserts are made with coconut, rice and something cool. You’ll find multiple variants of rice cakes, depending on the area of the Philippines you are in. Also, you’ll often find a fusion of recipes from around 144 ethnic groups and often taste influences from other European countries.


A form of glutinous rice cake, Suman is cooked in coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed. It is then served either with a side of sugar or caramel sauce! If you visit multiple towns in the Philippines, you’ll come across many variations, all which are delicious. Top places to try: Salcedo Community Market, Cabalen and Legazpi Sunday Market.


Cooling, flavourful and actually one of the healthier deserts in the Philippines. Halo, literally means ‘mix’ and this is apt as there are mulitple ingredients to this desert. It contains a mix of; crushed ice, evaporated milk, fruits, berries and usually some sort of ice cream. Refreshing and super tasty, it’s a Filipino desert not to be missed! Top places to try: Kabigting’s Halo Halo, Ilustardo and the Aristocrat Restaurant.


While Gulaman is not one of the most impressive, colourful looking deserts in the Philippines. It’s made from agar or gulaman which is a dried form of seaweed. It makes up for its dull appearance in flavor. You can order it in a range of different flavours and even get vodka added in some outlets! Top places to try: Gulaman Sago, Islas Pina’s and Bistro Panama.

Buko Pandan

A creamy, popular Filipino desert which is made with; coconut, screwpine leaves, gelatin, cream and condensed milk. The end product when all this is thrown together is a chunky, creamy delight that is eaten frequently especially in the summer months. Top places to try: Nathaniel’s Bake Shop, Mangan and the Jolient Restaurant.


One of the oldest standing Filipino deserts, it’s super simple being made up of only three ingredients. Taho desert is made from; tofu, arnibal (sweet syrup) and sago pearls. Warming and delicious, wherever you go in the Philippines you’ll most probably spot a street hawker selling delicious cups of Taho. Top places to try: Street hawkers all over Philippines for a traditional taste and Gloria Manis or Sinangag Express for more updated versions.
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