Essential Must-Know Information before Traveling to the Philippines


Get to Know the Language, Climate and Budget to Travel the Philippines Like a Pro

The Philippines is a tropical beach lover’s paradise, plus it has much to offer the history lover, the culture seeker and crazy adventurer. Local Filipinos are welcoming and friendly, making it a place hard not to fall in love with.

Before you go, it’s always a good idea to do your research, so you’re armed with up to date information. Below we’re going to take a look at some essential information to make your trip to the Philippines a smooth ride.

The Climate in the Philippines

The Philippines has three major seasons and it sits within the typhoon belt when it’s best to avoid the country. The typhoon season runs from July to October and the Philippines can sometimes experience up to 19 typhoons.
  •           Hot season. March to May.
  •           Rainy season. June to November.
  •           Cool season. December to February.

Helpful Language Phrases for the Philippines

English is the second most widely used language in the Philippines and you should find that most locals will speak English. Although you can get by speaking English, it’s a nice gesture to learn a few local helpful phrases and the locals will love you for this.

Helpful Filipino phrases;
  •           Hello = kumusta
  •           How are you? (friendly) = kumusta ka na
  •           How are you? (polite) = kumusta na po kayo
  •           I’m fine thank you! = mabuti naman ako, salamat
  •           And you? (friendly) = at ikaw
  •           And you? (polite) = at kayo po
  •           Thank you = salamat
  •           How much? = magkano
  •           Delicious = masarap
  •           Bathroom = CR
  •                     Beer = bir
  •           Too expensive = mahal
  •           Don’t want = ayaw
  •           Have a nice day! = Maging masaya sana ang araw mo

Currency, Tipping and Budget Needed in the Philippines

Some restaurants in the Philippines will add a service charge, but waiters and waitresses do not expect a tip. Locals will not be offended if you do not tip. The 2019 Philippines Peso conversion rate is below for major currencies.

100 Pesos equals;
  •          1.96 USD
  •          1.53 GBP
It’s entirely possible to travel well in the Philippines on a budget. There’s also plentiful higher end places to stay for those with more cash to flash.
  •           Budget travel. If you’re looking to stretch your cash and live on a budget, it’s possible to live on $20-30 a day which will cover the essentials like basic accommodation and local food.
  •           Mid-range travel. $35-50 a day will get you stays in nicer accommodation and a few splurges.
  •           Luxury travel. $50-100 a day or more will get you a luxury experience in the Philippines.

Religion and Culture in the Philippines

Being a mainly Christian nation, around 86% of the Philippines population is Roman Catholic. Further down south in the bottom half of Mindanao, some Filipinos follow the Muslim faith. Most of the Philippines offers a mix of Western and Eastern culture.
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