7 Impressive Facts About the Philippines


The Philippines is a Tropical Treasure with Many Incredible Secrets

The Philippines is a jewel in southeast Asia, comprising of over 7,000 tropical islands. Only 2,000 of these islands are inhabited and 5,000 are still unnamed on the global map. Alongside stunning beaches and azure blue waters, this country has a rich culture to discover. UNESCO world heritage sites, old colonial architecture, stunning churches and crumbling fortresses await to be admired.
The Philippines has a lot we already know about. But it also has a lot to discover that you may not have heard about. Here’s the top 7 impressive facts about the Philippines.

     1. There are reportedly 175 languages spoken in the Philippines! 4 of them are said to have died out with no living speakers. Official languages are Filipino and English, with Cebuano and Ilcano also being popular.

     2. The Philippines is one of the fastest growing countries in the world with its population passing 100 million in 2014. It’s the 12th most populous country in the world, growing by 2% annually. Manilla is said to have the highest population density in the world, with a reported 55,446 people per square mile!

     3. Palawan has been named one of the top islands in the world by Conde Nast Traveler, plus many other publications. Puerto Princesa has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site and is home to the second longest underground river in the world.

     4. 16 new species of mammal have been discovered in the Philippines over the last 10 years. This is a record and puts the Philippines in the top spot for new animal discovery.

     5. In 1934, one lucky Filipino diver discovered the largest pearl ever reported. Weighing in at 14 pounds (6.35kg) it was named the ‘’Pearl of Lao Tzu’’ or ‘’Pearl of Allah’’ and has an estimated value of over $40 million!

     6. Only a couple of hours from Manila, Mt Pinatubo erupted on June 15th 1991. 20 million tons of Sulphur dioxide and 10 billion metric tons of magma were shot into the air around 25 miles high. The blast was so powerful, a haze of sulfuric acid stayed in the atmosphere around the world for nearly 2 years, making global temperatures drop by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

     7. A traditional Filipino male garment is the ‘Barong Tagalog’ or ‘Baro’. It is woven and embroidered using pineapple or banana plant fibres and is worn on formal occasions.

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